29/MAR/16 Report

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ORCA DIGITAL NET 29mar16 check-in/rotation:

Check-ins: 14
KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA
WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA Bulletin
W7GBB Bob Renton,WA in&out
W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT
KI6ZHD David Santa Clara,CA
K6WSJ Steve Venice,CA
WA7HHE Brad Cedar City,UT T> K7IFG
KB6NN Howard Eureka,CA
N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA
AI6KG Chris Mountain View.CA in&out
W6JHP Joe Sunnyvale,CA
K8SMH Seth N Fairfield,OH
W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR
K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS


NCS holds traffic for K7IFG.

Another big net tonight. Seth K8SMH joined us from North Fairfield,OH. He wasn’t hearing all stations well, but he and I were solid and could have passed traffic with MFSK-32. Seth heard about our net in an NBEAMS bulletin. Although the band was noisy and unsettled, most stations were printing well. Some signals were weaker than normal. This give good practice in challenging band conditions. Mindy & I were preparing for the net in the afternoon using MFSK-32 @ 5w when Brad WA7HHE popped in from Cedar City,UT. I was surprised he copied us on 80m, mid-afternoon, @ 5w. It’s amazing how well the digital modes work at low power.

Thanks for trying pre-tone before sending. It’s already having an effect. Ken K7IFG has used pre-tone for some time now and seldom doubles. And, thanks for your patience during the net. I’ve been a little off my game since the WinXP PC died. I still haven’t found the right keyboard, but I may have a solution. I found a hack to convert my old programmable Cherry keyboard with a DIN5 connector to USB.

Check-in is taking longer with more members. I’d like to keep the net from continually growing longer if we can. Printing your callsign with a wfID macro enables multiple stations to check in simultaneously. I’ll send a list of early check ins. If your not listed, send it again. I can see both sides of 1500, and you won’t hinder an on-frequency contact. See how-to create the wfID macro at the website. Improving our check-in process will leave more time for traffic practice and discussion.

Limiting message length will help reduce wait-time. Except for general interest bulletins, we can keep messages under 2-3min. Same for keyboard comments. Remember the stations waiting for their turn. Today we had 14 stations aboard, most with traffic or keyboarding. We want to continue providing the opportunity for each station to participate in sending and receiving. Brief messages and comments provide the same digital practice. We are the example new members will adopt. That said, some things will require more time; let’s just be as brief and concise as we can.

When we began this evening at 1930pdt Ken K7IFG and Jaye KE6SLS were completing a file transfer using FLAMP. Ken sends bulletins before every ORCA net, beginning at 1900pdt. He usually sends training bulletins using a variety of digital modes. It’s an excellent opportunity to leverage your digital traffic handling practice before the net. Anyway, I’ve been behind the curve while adjusting to a new PC OS and keyboard and check-in time is most challenging as NCS. I asked them to leave me a few minutes before net for early check-ins. Rethinking this after the net, I’m withdrawing that request.

Ken’s practice bulletins are important and I appreciate that he takes the time and effort to prepare and present the broadcasts. Net frequency is where-ever NCS is. I can take earlies from a nearby freq. Rick N6IET, NCS for the FRN CW Net on Sunday evening, had to do this last week when there was an ongoing QSO on the net freq. Everyone found him easily. We can do the same. Finding NCS should be a routine event for a radio Op that finds the frequency occupied by others. So, to check-in early when there’s activity on our frequency, look nearby for NCS. I’ll try to be around early for check-ins.

Thanks to Mindy for the member QTH map.

And, thank you for participating in the net. It’s a pleasure to work with you. I hope to see you again next week, same time, same freq. 73 Doug K7KY

———- Net Log —————–

03/29/2016 19:30 PDT
Welcome to the ORCA DIGITAL NET Doug K7KY NCS

I would appreciate if we can end practice a few minutes before we begin the net. Starting checkin a bit early saves me a lot of
time for net practice.. tu

03/29/2016 19:32 PDT
Welcome to the ORCA DIGITAL NET Doug K7KY NCS
Brookings, Oregon http://orcadigitalnet.com

ORCA meets every Tuesday @ 1930p on 3.5825+1500(new)

ORCA is a DIRECTED net, dedicated to learning and developing
digital operating skills and practicing digital traffic handling.
The net connects digital Amateur Operators with common interest
in training, information-sharing, and mutual-aid. Visitors welcome.

New to ORCA? See the ‘Quick Start Guide’ @ orcadigitalnet.com

FLMSG/FLAMP & KEYBOARD stations check-in with your
‘CALLSIGN’ only. First time?: Please include NAME & QTH.

Monitoring stations may check in&out with: ‘CALLSIGN IN&OUT’.
Monitors are not called during net, but may join the comment round.

After check-in, stand-by while NCS generates the rotation list.

NCS transmits test image
NCS transmits Rotation list
NCS transmits Announcements

NCS calls each station in order for traffic or keyboard *

Next, a round of copy reports, observations, and comments
(keyboard or BLANKFORM as you like)

Closing Announcement

* LOCK fldigi @ 1500, enable RxID, TxID.
Enable: CONFIGURE/ID/RsID ‘Retain tx freq lock’

Have FLAMP open. FLAMP traffic is followed with
a round of FLAMP REPORTs and one fill. < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
de WA6NBG WA6NBG with bulliten… k

Before RSID: <>
Ken all bulletins 100%

Checked in early:W7GBB KE6SLS WA6NBG < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
DE W1EEP Gene Phillips Pine Valley, Utah NO TRAFFIC

W1EEP < K7KY RR tu < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
KE6SLS de KI6ZHD David visitor checkin from Santa Clara, CA

KI6ZHD < K7KY RR David Doug NCS < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
K6WSJ in&out – monitoring and learning from Venice CA 73

K6WSJ < K7KY RR name please
K6WSJ < K7KY RR Steve in&out < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

Before RSID: <>
k7ky6 de ke6sls did you get Howard kb6nn?> he was checking in,
also n6iet was checking in.

tu de ke6sls k

KE6SLS TU Jaye i now have howard and rick I’m running a bit behind here. new kbd sitll
giving trouible tu < K7KY
Here’s what I have so far… we havent’ yet called for checkins (-:
… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 0RCA.b2s]2.0.15
K7KY 20163003024451
K7KY 20160703235454

:mg:206 ORCA DIGITAL NET 29mar16 check-in/rotation:

W7GBB Bob in&out
W1EEP Gene
KI6ZHD David
K6WSJ Steve
KB6NN Howard
N6IET Rick
W7ZAP Mindy

[WRAP:chksum A9B9][WRAP:end] … end

Send your CALLSIGN only or
print it either side of 1500wf.
Monitoring only?: send your

Before RSID: <>

WA6NBG Don stand by BREAK AI6KG? call right? name please < K7KY


AI6KG < K7KY tu for the check in and I log you in&out tonight your name please < K7KY

WA6NBG OK Don go < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
just checking in… didn’t see my name on ther list… K

BREAK any more checkings or anyone I missed? < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

I heard a very weak signal just now. Other station pls try again. de ke6sls k

Before RSID: <>
w6jhp in&out Joe in Sunnyvale, CA

Before RSID: <>
W6JHP de ke6sls
TU Joe in Sunnyvale, CA!~ you are on the log
doug will send out the rotation in just a few tics.
de ke6sls k

W6JHP < K7KY Joe you are on the log tu for the checkin any more? < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

K8SMH de ke6sls fb you are very weak, but we have you. name and qth pls.
de ke6sls k

K8SMH < K7KY TU for the checkin please say your name < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
Seth, Ohio, Seth, Ohio k

K8SMH < K7KY TU Seth < K7KY
… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 0RCA.b2s]2.0.15
K7KY 20163003025532
K7KY 20160703235454

:mg:274 ORCA DIGITAL NET 29mar16 check-in/rotation:

WA6NBG Don Bulletin
W7GBB Bob in&out
W1EEP Gene
KI6ZHD David
K6WSJ Steve
KB6NN Howard
N6IET Rick
AI6KG in&out
K8SMH Seth
W7ZAP Mindy

[WRAP:chksum A06B][WRAP:end] … end

<IMAGE:G, /home/k7ky/Documents/odn/ORCASmallBlack.png>
Sending Pic:144×140; < K7KY

Announcements 29/Mar/16

Instead of announcements, we review the message on using pre-
tone to reduce digital doubling. Following the message, we’ll
do a quick demonstration. Although it’s quite simple, it takes
a little practice to accomplish smoothly. The result will be
less doubling.

Read weekly Net Report&Log: http://orcadigitalnet.com/reports/
Reports are posted to the website, usually by Wednesday. If you
want eMail notice of Reports and events, contact NCS:

Before traffic tonight I’ll resend the message abt pre-tone
and avoiding doubles… then we’ll do a quick demo and on to traffic…
… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn pretone.b2s]2.0.15
K7KY 20163003025910
K7KY 20162203235451

Ken K7IFG suggests enabling a brief pre-TX TONE that preceeds TXID and alert others that you are sending . Bob W7GBB further
suggests sending this TONE manually by macro instead of enabling it for every TX. Bob’s method provides a moment after the TONE
and before you send to check the frequency before sending.

Both methods notify others that you are sending. Sending the tone by macro give you an opportunity to hold if you detect a signal after
your TONE. The 1.5sec tone is sent using the macro tag. Sending a TONE by macro bypasses settings in Config/ID/RsI
D. Set Pre-Signal Tone to ‘0.0’ if you are using in a macro . No need to send the tone twice.

Sending the tone by macro gives the best chance of avoiding doubles When the TONE stops you have a moment to look and listen for signals before sending. The brief TONE signals your intention to transmit immediately. Using this method, we can reduce doubling.
Please configure and try the pre-tone signal and help reduce digital doubles. TU Doug K7KY
[WRAP:chksum 3EB9][WRAP:end] … end

i want to show youj quickly how this works and we’ll get on to traffic.. Before I
key the TX I tap the TUNE macro to send a 1.5sec tone. When the tone stops I have a moment to see if the freq is free… it looks
like this…

ALL ORCA I had just a moment to look at the wf after the tone stops to see if anyone is there… easy to do… give it a try wnen you have a moment… OK on to traffic Tonight I’m a bit behind from long check in so let’s not do too many FLAMPs Use it if you need to but otherwise lets move along… and, please try to leave me afew minutes of time before the net for early checkins
digital checkins are not as easy as phone or cw tu BREAK up to Jaye KE6SLS for traffic… < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

ORCA de ke6sls
tu Doug. What a night! I’m sorry your kb issue is still there.
I’m on the regular laptop kb and it’s small, but works okay… My xxx my arm is gettin gbaxxx better so I can reach up a little bit now! yeah for the small things in life!

CP on the check in. sri about that. My bad.

I checked the back of my hands and see a nice welt acccross both of them! hihih.

I have traffic, and it’s important, but since we are later than norm, I’ll hold offf. I actually want you to xmit it since there are many hams new to the digi world that don’t know all our lingo. I think i will modify it for more of the digi mode ops that are now coming up on the line and not so much for the cw ops who probably kow know most of then.

got the picture 5/5 just one line of noise.

and I sent you an email. LINUX ROX … I finally got the silly M$ software for the security camera/DVR working under linux and am able to help others now. That was a big chore and much lost sleep.

I am getting a cold or .. will I’m just gonna get the cold cus I can’t handle anything larger than that. Lots of fluids and rest, but forgot to rest. I’ll catch up later.

Any humboldt hams? I’m doing the R A I N newsletter now. if you have something you would like to share, please send me an email at ke6sls@arrl.net and I’ll do my best to get it into R A I N newsletter.

Doug, you will also get a copy along with Mindy.

okay, that is all from lake Shaddypond. de ke6sls

KE6SLS TU Jaye… good to hear you solved the security cam problem I want to get in line for some of the same advice…
BREAK WA6NBG OK Don ur up for Bulletin.. < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-13.213]2.0.15
WA6NBG 20163003031040
WA6NBG 20163003023812

:to:31 Eureka Emergency VHF Net & ORCA
:fm:10 Don WA6NBG
:d1:8 03/28/16
:t1:5 2326Z
:sb:45 Bulletins and Annoucements for March 28, 2016
:s1:23 Donald O. Nelson WA6NBG
:mg:454 Redwood Amateur Radio Club regular monthly meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th at Rohner Park Recreation Hall 1900L.

Events in May:

Avenue of the Giants Marathon, Sunday, May 1st.
Tour of the Unknown Coast, Saturday, May 7th.
Kenetic Sculpture Race, May 28,29,30.

Send any bulletins or announcements for the Eureka Emergency VHF Net to wa6nbg@yahoo.com or via Packet to WA6NBG @
W6ZZK-1 on 145.050 MHz.

This ends the digital message for March 28th.
[WRAP:chksum CA25][WRAP:end] … end

W1EEP Gene you can send traffic or keyboard as you like… < K7KY


W1EEP FB tu BREAK KI6ZHD David you can send traffic or keyboard as you like < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
KE6SLS de KI6ZHD Hello to the net and heard of the net via the NBEMS list recently. THere was the XcaNEMBS net that recently closed so I think that’s some of the other CA hams coming over! We all have the itch! Anyway.. that’s it for me BT net control

KI6ZHD TU David nice to have you aboard BREAK K6WSJ Steve tu
for being patient ur up < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
K6WSJ – Having trouble copying many. I am running a diapole at 25 watts.BTU K7KY de K6WSJ

K6WSJ OK Steve I copy you fine tu BREAK WA7HHE
Brad ur up next < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

Before RSID: <>

{7BE8}FLAMP 2.2.03
{7BE8}641 11 64
{7BE8:11}] {7BE8:EOF}


ALL ORCA we’ll do only one round of REPORTS
ALL ORCA we’ll do only one round of REPORTS I’ll send only your callsign please send only the report or no flamp tu KB6NN Ì

Before RSID: <>
File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg
{7BE8}1 4 8

Before RSID: <>
W7ZAP 0% FLAMP copy
File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg


Before RSID: <>
fb Doug. and you doubled the last round with another station, don’t know
who it was, but they can get in next round., here’s the report
DE ke6sls
File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg
DE ke6sls K


Before RSID: <>
File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg
{7BE8}1 4 5


Before RSID: <>
File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg


Before RSID: <>
KE6SLS de KI6ZHD Nothing from me. BTU

KI6ZHD David Jaye KE6SLS is the altNCS and I’m the NCS Doug K7KY (-: BREAK

no cpy on last stn < K7KY


KB6HOH Brad please send the fill now.. Oops wrong call WA7HHE < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

{7BE8}FLAMP 2.2.03


WA7HHE TU Brad K7IFG Ken didnn’t check in tonight so I’ll hold this traffic for him BREAK KB6NN OK Howard, ur up < K7KY

File : WA7HHE.TFC_Svc_Msg

KB6NN TU Howard have you any traffic tonight or any thing for kbd? < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
let me know when I can send it KB6NN

Howard it’s your turn now… < K7KY

cool here it comes…

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn KB6NN-21.b2s]2.0.10
KB6NN 20163003033217
KB6NN 20163003032941

:mg:610 ORCA reception report 03-29-16 (PDT) de KB6NN, Eureka, Ca
Test image (ORCA logo) at 90%
KE6SLS Jaye – 100% keyboard copy
WA6NBG Don – Bulletin – 100% copy and FLMSG
W7GBB Bob – in&out
W1EEP Gene – 100% keyboard copy
KI6ZHD David – 100% keyboard copy
K6WSJ Steve – barely heard, ¥ copy here
WA7HHE Brad T – 100% keyboard copy, FLAMP all blocks complete
KB6NN Howard –
N6IET Rick – barely heard but copied into receive buffer
AI6KG in&out
W6JHP Joe –
K8SMH Seth –
W7ZAP Mindy – 100% keyboard copy
K7KY Doug NCS –
KI6ZHD David – 100% keyboard copy
K6WSJ _____ –

[WRAP:chksum D03F][WRAP:end] … end

KB6NN TU Howard I missed the beginning and didn’t understand abt ur traffic… no problem though BREAK
N6IET Rick finally up to you < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

Sorry I accidentally stepped on you for a few seconds during your explanation of the TUNE macro, Doug.

Mac OS X on my old MacBook is incapable of handling fldigi reliably. It freezes or gets flaky.
It also crashes after sending an image. And the right mouse click doesn’t work right.
And I can’t seem to change the Frq field from the original 3595 kHz. It ignores my changes.
So hopefully by next week I’ll have a Linux version (Mbutu?) running on my”early 2008″ MacBook.

de N6IET

N6IET FB Rick ur in good company here lots of Linux interest gl with the change I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now BREAKW6JHP JOe ur up next < K7KY

Joe u still with us? < K7KY

K8SMH OK Seth ur next < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
K8SMH, Seth in Ohio (just south of Lake Erie). No traffic. #n only really hear K7KY s/n -6 dB. Most everyone else just noise but can hear signals.


K8SMH TU Seth Seth says he’s not copying most Ops well but does hear ncs OK Thanks Seth and the conditions may improve as the season changes Try us again and we’ll hope for better condx tonight is not good on 80m.. BREAK W7ZAP OK
Mindy over to you < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
The net is running late, so I’ll hold my traffic tonite.
Will send sig report on comment round.

W7ZAP FB TU Mindy OK that’s it for traffic tonight… We took quite a bit of time to checkin tonight and I’ll try to start a few minutes before each net to save some net time. Thanks for your patience tonight You all have done a great job of helping the net run smoothly and I’m impressed how smoothly it usually goes, even with new Ops who obviously already know quite a bit about digital ops.. ok let’s do a round of comments and reception reports and be finished we begin at the top with Jaye KE6SLS < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
ORCA de ke6sls

TU Doug. Great net actually. trying condx makes for better operators around the world. So I am gratefull for the lack of best condx since this is how we will respond under real world lesss than optimal condx.

Doug, the trick of the TUNE is needed as a headline on the ORCA net.

I’ve also talked with a ham locally that doesn’t understand how we do the VIDEO ID macro. I think Howard is the champ in this one. Maybe he can make a short HOW TO for the ORCA website. We did some tinkering with the macro and I finally decided that what I have works so don’t break it no more!

I am glad I cooked my chicken this mornig, the winds started up by 11am today. SO I just had some of the HOTEST I mean, mouth burning delightful hot wings.

I think I’ll keep this one around, it really is good and I have never before
eaten hot pepper mash before tonight. Tomorrow, I will summon the local fire department for medical aid. !

okay, that’s it from here, tu again om. 73
de ke6sls k

KE6SLS FB Jaye… We already have a how-to on the macro page at the website. check it out and see if yhou think it needs more explanation… BREAK over to Don WA6NBG < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-15.b2s]2.0.15
WA6NBG 20163003034648
WA6NBG 20163003021628

:mg:630 WA6NBG signal reports and comments:
20 Watts into 180 foot end-fed up 25 feet. S9 noise level tonight.

Image 75% P3

KE6SLS s/n -1 to +7 100% copy
W7GBB 0%
W1EEP s/n -2 to +2 100% copy
KI6ZHD s/n 0 to +9 100% copy
K6WSJ 5% copy
WA7HHE s/n -7 to +6 and FLAMP missing 3 blocks
KB6NN s/n -8 to 0 80% copy. FLMSG with errors
N6IET Rick s/n -6 to +5 90% copy
AI6KG 0%
W6JHP 0%
K8SMH 5%
W7ZAP s/n 0 to +6 100% copy
K7KY s/n +6 to +14 100% copy

Big crowd tonight. Conditions did not allow copy of some stations. Bought a new mouse and have control of the cursor. That all from WA6NBG. 73 to all.
[WRAP:chksum B584][WRAP:end] … end

WA6NBG OK Don back to MFSK32 Wow that printed perfectly who said the band was poor tonight? BREAK W1EEP Gene ur up for comments or signal evaluation as you like < K7KY

W1EEP U with us Gene? < K7KY

KI6ZHD David ur up for comments < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

Before RSID: <>
K7KY de KI6ZHD Ha.. that didn’t work as expected now did it! I’ll have to work on that macro. Btw, though MFSK32 is quite fast, I’ve had some serious droupouts down here where i think Oliva would have plowed through it just fine. Slower but very reliable. Just a thought. BTu and thanks for the net. BTU

KI6ZHD OK David Nice to see you’re already working on the Pre-Tone MFSK0-32 usually works well for us and there are nights when it s marginal. you are welcome to back up to 16 if you like and you can change mode for your traffic as you like too. Olivea is very reliable and also very slow we’ll use it if we must… BREAK K6WSJ Steve ur turn if u still copy me. < K7KY

K6WSJ Steve it was a solid signal but no print try agn < K7KY

will try again next week.. 73 BTU K7KY de K6WSJ

K6WSJ Steve sri I doubled with some of your last, but copied that perfectly OK let’s hope for better condx next week BREAKWA7HHE Brad ur turn < K7KY

Before RSID: <>


W1EEP S/N +10
K6WSJ S/N -6
KB6NN S/N -9
N6IET S/N +5
W7ZAP S/N -8
K7KY S/N +4

WA7HHE Thanks Brad nice report BREAK KB6NN HOward ure next and sri if I confused u earlier about traffic/comments… go < K7KY

N6IET Rick looks like howard is gone ur next < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
K7KY and ORCA de N6IET

I’ve been+u¯ing 30 watts.

I do the TUNE manually, when doubles are likely. Works fine!

Here are some signal reports from Los Angeles, based on the traffic/keyboard round:

Doug K7KY 3 to 7 dB s/n 100% print (strongest station)
Jaye KE6SLS -9dB 20%
Don WA6NBG -11dB 10%
Gene W1EEP -3dB 70%
David KI6ZHD 0dB 100%
Steve K6WSG 0dB 100%
Brad WA7HHE 0 to 5DB 100%
Howard KB6NN nil no copy
Seth K8SMH nil no copy

That’s it from Los Angeles!

73 de N6IET

N6IET FB Rick ur signal is solid here in SW/OR BREAK W6JHP Joe u still with us ur up < K7KY

KB6NN HOward go ahead.. < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
thanks I was across the room when called… since I accidentally fo t my signal report rather than my traffic, can IdlKi totv flmsg now?

KB6NN Howard.. please hold the traffic until after net or next week We’re well overtime right now… tu
BREAK K8SMH Seth us still hear me? ur up for comments < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
K8SMH, No other comments. Just saw m¡ng on the
NBEMSham Yahoo group toda`b#w§Dd thought I would
try to seeapjuld hear anything and check-in. Was mainly
able to copy t3a dKY, N6IET, WA7HHE signals on the net.

de K8SMH k

K8SMH FB Seth… it’s a long haul to OH and you’re doing very well. Try us again and we’ll hpe for better band condx… cu next time
BREAK over to Mindy W7ZAP < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn W7ZAP_report.b2s]
c 20163003040520

Before RSID: <>
Ooops wrong mode… let’s try again!

Before RSID: <>
… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn W7ZAP_report.b2s]
c 20163003040634
c 20163003025333

W7ZAP copied the following stations:

S9 +10 (s/n= 7dB)
100% cpy KBD

S9 +10 (s/n= dB)
10% FLMSG (w/errors) but looked like 100% print in RX buffer

W7GBB Bob (in/out)
S9 +20
100% cpy KBD

W1EEP Gene
100% cpy KBD

KI6ZHD David
S9 (s/n -8dB)
100% cpy KBD

K6WSJ Steve
100% cpy KBD check-in
0% cpy during net

100% cpy KBD
0% cpy FLAMP

KB6NN Howard
0% cpy KBD

N6IET Rick
S9 (s/n -7dB)
90% cpy KBD

AI6KG Christopher (in/out)
100% cpy KBD

0% cpy KBD

K8SMH Seth
0% cpy KBD

100% cpy FLMSG, image, KBD

Tough band condx tonite. Wow! Lot’s of check-ins from S. Bay Area, good to see you guys tonite. Great signals tonight from Bob W7GBB and Ken K7IFG (before the net).

Jaye, hope your spicy hotwings cure your cold and ur back to 100% asap :-)

Good job Doug on a busy net night with a baulky KBD :-)

Mindy W7ZAP
35w 120′ doublet @ 65’

[WRAP:chksum 8913][WRAP:end] … end

ALL ORCA I can see from Mindy signal report that we need to look into her doublet it used to perform much better.. That’s it for the comment round and we can check to see if there any more coments or questions before we close.. Its been a long net tonight and we have a plan to split the net after Announcements when there’s lots of trqaffic we could hv tried it tonight, but I was too far behind at checdkin toime anyway, i’ll get a new kbd soon and theing will go smoother any more business for the net? < K7KY

Before RSID: <>

N6IET go nick < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
de N6IET

I forgot to include Mindy’s signal report:

Mindy W7ZAP -10dB 5% print

de N6IET

N6IET Thanks for that, Nick she away from here station at the moment and I know she’ll be really pleased to here this… She’s already upset about her antenna issue… anymore comments? < K7KY

Before RSID: <>
k7ky ORCA de ke6sls.

Will she is still booming in here, but she is only s5 and I would expect her to be at least s
Anymore ch

s8 or s9 sri about that. my long fat fingers hit a Fkeys! hahahaha

anyway, we are gonna do some qrp work down here doug. I hope you guys have a good supper and the chickens are all doin’ well up there! de ke6sls k

KE6SLS TU Jaye… OK last call for questions comments.. Thanks for your patience tonight…. I’m really impressed how so\ many Ops drop into ORCA and already know most of the digital protocols and precedures last call for comments < K7KY

This concludes the ORCA DIGITAL NET
for: 03/29/2016 21:16 PDT

Thank’s for working with us tonight.
We appreciate your time and interest.
Hope to see you again next week.
73 < Doug K7KY NCS

Net Reports

19/DEC/23 Report

19/DEC/23 Report

ORCA DIGITAL NET 19/DEC/23 Check-In/Rotation Check-Ins: 23 Stations: __W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT QNX __KI7ARP Herman Pine Valley,UT QNX __KE7YX Emery Pendleton,OR QNX N6FPV Matt Scotia,CA VidID WA7JYK Tom Joseph,OR __AK0SK Sila Kansas City,MO QNX __K7UK Rick Omak,WA QNX KE6SLS Jaye [...]


Download NBEMS Exercises (Zip File)

Download Path Evaluation Macro Files


FEMA Region X HF Interoperability Testing (60m)

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET, which comprises Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, conducts a monthly interoperability communications exercise on the 60-meter band. This exercise often includes a voice portion and a digital portion.

FEMA Region X uses the call sign of WGY910. The COMMEX occurs on the third Wednesday of the month from 1730 to 1900Z. Primary check-in is usually on 60-meter channel 1.

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET

3rd Wednesday 1730Z - 1900Z
Channel 1: 5330.5 kHz
Channel 2: 5346.5 kHz
Channel 3: 5357.0 kHz
Channel 4: 5371.5 kHz
Channel 5: 5403.5 kHz
1730Z Open net, delay check-ins
60M - CH1
1735Z NCS sends 1st dig msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1740Z NCS repeats 1st dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL CH2
1745Z NCS calls for check-ins and reports
60M - CH1
1815Z NCS TX 2nd digital msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1825Z NCS reTX 2nd dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL - CH 2
1827Z NCS calls for reports
60M - CH 1
1850Z NCS closes the net
60M - CH 1

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Shortwave Radiogram transmits digital text and images on an analog shortwave broadcast transmitter. The program is produced and presented by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott KD9XB. Shortwave Radiogram continues VOA Radiogram's tradition testing new modes and is an interesting source for Digital Ops wishing to practice more with FLDIGI & FLAMP.

Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule (AM)

Fri 2030-2100 UTC
7780 kHz
9455 kHz
WRMI Florida
Sat 1600-1630 UTC
9400 kHz
Space Line, Bulgaria
Sun 2330-2400 UTC
7780 kHz
WRMI Florida
Mon 0800-0830 UTC
7730 kHz
5850 kHz
WRMI Florida

World Clock