22/DEC/15 Report

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ORCA DIGITAL NET Report, 22dec15

Check-ins: 6
N6IET in&out

The band was fickle again tonight. Difficult copy with nearby stations and substantial fading. It was a perfect evening for alternate modes. MFSK-32 was in trouble from the beginning. MFSK-16 did much better until conditions deteriorated further and we needed Olivia 8/250; a very slow mode. While slow, it printed almost perfectly even though I couldn’t see the signal on the waterfall or S-meter. Olivia does a good job of maintaining communications. Much of our communications were below 100%, but still workable as the band went up and down.

Jaye KE6SLS was using 50w and Jim KW6JIM was eventually at 70w. Both had difficulty copying NCS at times and Jim lost contact with us near the end. Conditions were difficult and communications slow, so we skipped the usual traffic round and went directly to keyboard comments with Olivia. In retrospect, I’m happy to experience these band conditions as we’re learning more about alternate digital modes and the knowledge needed to establish and maintain communications in adverse conditions. Everyone did a great job of working with conditions and maintaining contact.

Near net-end, I was delighted to see John’s NX6DX printed on the waterfall. Nice work, John. The ID macro makes it much easier to break into the net and easier for NCS to check-in stations quickly. With Mindy only a few feet away, I have a much better chance of seeing callsigns printed on the wf. They’re not visible for long and I’m sometimes busy with other tasks, so two pair of eyes is a big help. She often catches things I’ve missed.

Ken K7IFG relayed a couple stations when conditions were awful and just before closing sent a bulletin in MFSK-64L. I missed the header, but copied most of the message. Jaye copied 100%. By then Jim had lost contact and Mindy checked-out for dinner. The mode worked well for stations more distant from Ken.

Tonight’s band has me thinking again about alternate NCS. It would be good to have a number of alternates. Then, we could just shift NCS to a station that everyone hears.

Our website and email migration is still not finished. Migrating domains has been a nightmare this time. I hope I’m close to the end; it’s been nearly a month.

Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing Christmas season. 73 Doug K7KY

———- Net Log ————–

Ke6SLS < W7ZAP Jaye, Doug could not copy you, but I do 1005 weak signal though. < W7ZAP k Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:24Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>>

ORCA de ke6sls k

KE6SLS < K7KY OK cpy now, Jaye.. how copy 35w ? < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:25Z MFSK-32 @ 1488>>

ORCA de ke6sls wow, vry we X heoe only cp last K N<). de ke6sls # @ 35 watts. KE6SLS < K7KY How now, Jaye... < K7KY KE6SLS Jaye... do you copy MFSK16? < K7KY Anyone cpy mfsk-16? < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:30Z MFSK-16 @ 1510>>

KE6SLS < W7ZAP Jaye, Doug can't copy you, but I still do. OK net time... < W7Z 12/22/2015 19:31 Pacific Standard Time QST & WELCOME to the ORCA DIGITAL NET* Doug K7KY NCS Brookings,OR ORCA meets every Tuesday @ 1930p here on/about 3.595usb. Software: FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP. Mode: MFSK-32 @ 1500. Other modes and bands depending on conditions. Alternate data freq: 7.122 USB. The ORCA DIGITAL NET is dedicated to learning and developing digital operating skills and practicing digital traffic handling. The net connects digital Amateur Operators with common interests in training, information-sharing, and mutual-aid. Visitors welcome. This is a DIRECTED Net. FLMSG-TRAFFIC & KEYBOARD stations check-in with your 'CALLSIGN' only. Monitoring stations may check-in-&-out with: 'CALLSIGN IN&OUT'. After check-in, please stand-by while NCS organizes the rotation list. NCS transmits test image NCS transmits Rotation list (keep it handy) NCS transmits Announcements (comments/questions?) NCS calls each station in order for traffic/keyboard ** Next, a round (or more) of fills, reception reports, comments, questions (keyboard or BLANKFORM as you like) Closing Announcement * ORCA DIGITAL NET website: http://ferrycreek.com/wordpress/ * * LOCK fldigi @ 1500, enable RxID, TxID, AFC. Enable: CONFIGURE/ID/RsID 'Retain tx freq lock' Have FLAMP open. FLAMP traffic is followed with a round of FLAMP REPORTs and one fill round. < K7KY KE6SLS How copy Jaye? < K7KY K7IFG GE Ken... How do you copy MFSK-16? < K7KY ­iohet •er Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:38Z MFSK-16 @ 1504>>

de K7IFG Good evening Doug and net. Copy is just great here sorry I am late got stuck in town k

K7IFG Late no problem… Are you copying Jaye KE6SLS in Eureka…. I can’t hear him and Mindy just gets a bit…. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:39Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>

KE6SLS DE K7IFG Jaye are copying NCS or this station k

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:40Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>
iFG de ke6sls
Hi Keith, u are great copy here, NCS is between 70 to 80 and then last round, down to less then 40% copy here. running 50 watts now.
de ke6sls k

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:41Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>

KE6SLS de K7IFG Ok Jaye. I will relay your comments to NCS.

are great copy here, NCS is between 70 to 80 and then last round, down to less then 40% copy
here. running 50 watts now.
de ke6sls k
de k7ifg kn

K7IFG Tnx Ken… The band has changed a bit again and I’m copying Jaye OK… Looks like a difficult band tonight… Let’s see if there are any more
checkings… come now.. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:43Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>

K7KY >

de K7IFG relay KW6JIM who double with you up band on the waterfall kn

TU Ken…. I checkin KW6JIM and let’s see if Jim can hear me? How copy Jim? < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:46Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>

I can only copy a word or two now and then from Doug. Your signal looked pretty good. Thanks for the relay into the net.

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:47Z MFSK-16 @ 1504>>
de K7IFG relay fm KW6JIM

are great copy here, NCS is between 70 to 80 and then last round, down to less then 40% copy
here. running 50 watts now.
de ke6sls k
oppps worn copy and paste job wait

I can only copy a word or two now and then from Doug. Your signal looked pretty good. Thanks for the
relay into the net. de K7ifg kn

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:49Z MFSK-16 @ 1493>>
IFG de ke6sls
and Ken, try to see if you can hear nx6dx too. he wwas up tonight. tnx de ke6sls k

NX6DX < K7KY How copy John? < K7KY Thanks to Ken for some relays.... I now copy most of KE6SLS, KW6JIM, I have good copy on Ken K7IFG... Let's try to move along and if you drop Maybe Ken can pick you up... We'll do our best... < K7KY . I'll skip the image and sent the rotation list... ... start [WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]2.0.12
K7KY 20152312035234
K7KY 20150211222816

:mg:156 15dec15, ORCA DIGITAL NET,Rotation:

W7ZAP 100% (35w, 120′ doublet @ 65′)
K7KY NCS (35w, 180′ doublet @ 80′)

[WRAP:chksum 8EE8][WRAP:end] … end

ALL ORCA Let’s skip the regular traffic, switch to Olivia and just have a few comments for traffic round… Switching to Olivia and over to K7IFG… < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T03:55Z OL 8-250 @ 1499>>

k7ky de k7ifg well i have pretty good copy on all stations. I downloaded the lastest fldigi and found it quite interesting. I still
playing around with FSQ which has the function of like packet digipeating thru another station. That would work good for chatting when we can’t hear
one another. I am really amazed how well the mfsk-64l mode does on HF. I get really good ccopy from AD5XJ on the SAT morning net on 20m.
When storm of the other day brought down a tree in back corner of my property no damage just more firewood.
btu doug

k7ky de k7ifg kn

K7IFG FB Ken… Wind brought down our 180′ ant twice in three days… It’s been up for three years, so I guess it’s time for repairs… BREAK
over to Jaye, KE6SLS…KI6GRU Forrest < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:01Z OL 8-500 @ 1493>>

ORCA de ke6sls
FB Ken and Doug. Doug, this mode I can copy u nw! Get to work on ur antenna and I’ll do@same, my standoff broke a few days ago, Rut not home
during daylight hours to repair! grrr.
This mode is very good for these crpy cndx. Ken, I’m eagear to try MFSK64L I’m virgin in that mode. Mindy, TU for good CP tonite! Gld u could do that.
John NX6DX might be on soon, maybe send a vid MODE ID next round.
BTU NCS de ke6sls

KE6SLS < K7KY .. Thanks Jaye... This mode is slow, but working very well. 100% cpy now... I did call John, but didn't hear him.. I've added him to the net report email list. BREAK OVer to Jim KW6JIM... < K7KY I got most of Ken's traffic. And, or course, Jaye looked great too. Doug, you are still quite weak to me. Even so, this mode seems to work well even when fading out a bit. Slow and steady. I am up to 70 watts, so I am curious how I am being received. Cheers, and Merry Christmas! K7KY de KW6JIM KW6JIM < K7KY Jim.. 100% cpy Slow, but very accurate. U aren't moving my meter and I can barely see the signal on WF, but copy is perfect. Jaye, @ 50w also no meter movement, but 100% copy... At least we can continue to communicate. Not the best for sending traffic.... I think we've done well not to lose anyone yet.... BREAK over to Mindy W7ZAP < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:10Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>
W7ZAP (35w) copied the following stations:

K7IFG 100% S 0-6
KE6SLS 100% S 0-7
N6IET 100% S6
KW6JIM 100% S 0-6
K7KY 100%

Wow, wild swings in signal strength on most stations. Even when S-meter says ‘0’, still copy 100%.

Jim, last TX was S-0, but solid copy!

I’m going to sign off and get dinner going… Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas :-)
Mindy W7ZAP kn
W7ZAP 73 Mindy… BREAK We can run around the net once more for final comments… Let’s give it to Ken K7IFG.. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:14Z OL 8-500 @ 1504>>


Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:15Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>
K7IFG Beavercreek, OR CN8pttg
{0EE3}1165 15 80
{0EE3}FLAMP 2.2.03
{0EE3}K7IFG Beavercreek, OR CN85sg
{ce ee}1165 15 80
{0EE3}Rerun of So. Terr. Satern Digi net traing msg
{0EE3:3}fv5PiEWuhLa oZNHlkdmNKPlO+ofLHdSfbRGh42qiD4nBeia0Us3qdYph6O2ldoONLeIUSdl3uo
{0EE3:10}qGgrmhxd3Lc fn`D3JiM9odqFqPe4cZPJù12A‚h,xKH8 s t
{0EE3:11}+QZ1t/hpPHj3mGDLU46rvuaa@N. eS5pWt¬¡RM2VYv6 iXFbctln h 7fkNoT9ayXIcaH
{0EE3:12}iXDXL0gXdtZH7ZL2DSIed}¶-e caTjjVxUINnt e sad ZQ efvI18QY8UASBSUCWXxB0n+3/GP
{0EE3:13}CuMmmPSrTkJQdORboSJA2ZG5ytFJSIDza‡t}eDh3Ad9Am0qefJgCXtHlzts hPeCJ/+C3v5Om0M4BU
[b64:end] >

KE6SLS OK Jaye… I think you read Ken OK Do you have flamp running and can you send a report? < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:21Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>

DE ke6sls
File : ad5xj-diginet-12192015.p2s
DE ke6sls K

KW6JIM Jim… IF you have flamp running send your report now, or NO FLAMP tu < K7KY ALL ORCA Looks like I've lost Jim... Here's m DE K7KY File : Unassigned {0EE3}1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
K7IFG Ken looks like most of it went over my station, but Jaye copied 100% btu < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:25Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>
7KY de K7IFG ok Doug. I am losing you here. Still am able aoKcopyx your olikUa. CYSee a~other call in
the waterfall. Coul¬R{r\make it out. Well btu Doug thaT was a \kqeresk*ng test. de k7ifg kn

K7IFG NX6DX TU Ken…. Hello John… Nice to see you… Tough band conditions tonight… how copy? < K7KY -e,f Ck{*BnOu Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:28Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>
K7KY de nx6dx tnx Doug for seeing my signal, conditions are a bit foulod, but have gd cp on you. Cud I get a signal report from K7IFG
and W7ZAP pse. K7KY de nx6dx k|Ghx X|W6v }] & UFJK
3NX6DX John… I’ll turn it over to Ken & Mindy in a moment… Congratulations on
sorting out the ID macro… U have just joined an small elite group of Ops who use the ID macro.. I think it will catch on eventually. It really makes
checkin easier for NCS… I see your signal S-7,9 and your s/n 9.1. Over to Ken and then Mindy for more signal reports… < K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:32Z OL 8-500 @ 1526>>

John C}Ken K7IFG goDevening john. Signal is |-9 1{d snr@is 10 db. Doug signal is currently a minus 10 db. So your doing a good
job up North. w7zap de k7ifg k

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:33Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>

W7ZAP back from the kitchen! I was watching John’s callsign on the WF… Nice job! Your signal is quite strong to me at S6. Good to see you on the net.
Mindy W7ZAP kn

ALL ORCA Well, it’s been a more difficult net tonight, but we did OK… WE only lost Jim KW6JIM Maybe he’s back by now… Anyway, thanks for taking
time to work with us tonight. The slower modes don’t give as much time for experimenting and long messages.. Any more comments before we close?
< K7KY Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:37Z OL 8-500 @ 1504>>
\All Tnx for the signal reports. Doug, Ken and Mindy. I hv Jaye on the phone. Will try to check in more regularly. Merry Christmas to all
and to all a gud nite. de NX6DX SK6 {(@ K[ 7!ou wanna BS.
Tnx Doug
NX6DX John Thanks for coming… If Jaye is not copying us, tell him 73 for me… have a great holiday… Ken thanks for coming
again and thanks for all the input. We’re all learning more digital skills thru the net.. and, before I forget, I appreciate the net list you sent. I like to
visit the digital nets… < K7KY This concludes the ORCA DIGITAL NET for:12/22/2015 20:40 Pacific Standard Time Thank's for participating in the net tonight. We appreciate your time and input. Hope to see you again next week. 73 < Doug K7KY NCS Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:42Z OL 8-500 @ 1504>>

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:42Z OL 8-500 @ 1500>>

Before RSID: <<2015-12-23T04:43Z OL 8-500 @ 1499>>

themeads46@yahoo.com K7VHG
kenk7ifg@gmail.com Ken
rarieg@gmail.com Ron
howard.lang@sbcglobal.net Howard
ke6sls@arrl.net Jaye
ki6rit@gmail.com Nick
jim@ki7ay.com Jim
mikebecker99@charter.net Mike
kw6jim@yahoo.com Jim
rastuts@gmail.com Rick
JB.nr5nn@gmail.com JB
dsfisher@outlook.com David
nx6dx@att.net John
w6ies@arrl.net Peter
mindy@ferrycreek.com Mindy
wa6nbg@yahoo.com Don

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