19/JAN/16 Report

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ORCA DIGITAL NET, Report 19/Jan/16

Check-ins: 5
AI6CD in&out

Three Humboldt stations on tonight. I was surprised to see Jaye KE6SLS back so soon after surgery. He must have practiced some one-hand typing. Group was small tonight and propagation was good, although Don WA6NBG suffered an S-9 noise background.
Still, he and Jaye copied an FLAMP message 100% on the first TX. Although Mindy & I had tested the same file in FLAMP a couple hours earlier, her FLAMP did not copy the file at all, even after reboot. ??

Good news on the website, finally. We sorted it out this morning. orcadigitalnet.com is working. We have a bit more design and content housekeeping to do, but it’s basically good-to-go.

If you haven’t been active since summer, we’ve changed our FLAMP REPORT routine. With winter band conditions being less favorable, NCS prompts each station for their FLAMP REPORT. NCS sends your CALLSIGN only. Please click your REPORT button & send, or send NO FLAMP if it’s not running.

———— Net Log ————-



WA6NBG GE Don how copy
MFSK32? < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:27Z MFSK-32 @ 1502>>
k7ky de wa6nbg fb at mfsk32 s9 noise level tonight btu de wa6nbg

WA6NBG BB Don… Printed perfect even with a signal on top of you.. ur on the log.. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:29Z MFSK-32 @ 1505>>
de ke6sls ke6sls ke6sls kn

KE6SLS < K7KY GE Jaye... Nice to see you tonight.... ur on the log too.. < K7KY 1/19/2016 19:30 Pacific Standard Time Good Evening & Welcome to the ORCA DIGITAL NET K7KY Doug NCS, Brookings,OR, http://orcadigitalnet.com ORCA meets every Tuesday @ 1930p on/about 3.595usb. Software: FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP - MFSK-32 @ 1500wf Other modes and bands depending on conditions. Alternate data freq: 7.122 USB. ORCA is a DIRECTED net, dedicated to learning and developing digital operating skills and practicing digital traffic handling. The net connects digital Amateur Operators with common interest in training, information-sharing, and mutual-aid. Visitors welcome. FLMSG/TRAFFIC & KEYBOARD stations check-in with your 'CALLSIGN' only. First time?: Please include NAME & QTH. Monitoring stations may check in&out with: 'CALLSIGN IN&OUT'. Monitoring stations are not called during net. After check-in, stand-by while NCS generates the rotation list. NCS transmits test image NCS transmits Rotation list NCS transmits Announcements NCS calls each station in order for traffic or keyboard * Next, a round of comments, copy reports, questions, etc, (keyboard or BLANKFORM as you like) Closing Announcement * LOCK fldigi @ 1500, enable RxID, TxID, AFC. Enable: CONFIGURE/ID/RsID 'Retain tx freq lock' Have FLAMP open. FLAMP traffic is followed with a round of FLAMP REPORTs and one fill round. < K7KY jiinoIa²brnæo nr elet6Asnveteão÷r8oa ipDsioQ Dtko;oSkas We7ecttoek ály0t U is4 dEx1hdeAlready checked in are: WA6NBG KE6SLS W7ZAP K7KY NCS ORCA DIGITAL NET Check-in: Send your CALLSIGN only or print it either side of 1500wf. If you're only monitoring: send your CALLSIGN IN&OUT. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:33Z MFSK-32 @ 1500>>

de AI6CD k

AI6CD < K7KY TU Norman in & out tonight... any more stations to check in? < K7KY



Sending Pic:144×140;

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]
K7KY 20162001033621
K7KY 20150211222816

:mg:92 19/Jan/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,rotation order:

AI6CD in&out

[WRAP:chksum ADB8][WRAP:end] … end

ORCA DIGITAL NET, Announcements, 19/Jan/16

ORCA website was up on Saturday! http://orcadigitalnet.com.
But, we broke it while housekeeping; it’s currently unresolved.

Knowing your location and equipment helps net members
evaluate your signal and band conditions. You can include
QTH, ANT, PWR, info in the unused message header spaces.

If you’re not copying NCS well, you can try MFSK-16. NCS will
connect you and return to the original mode for everyone else.
NCS can work you with the slower mode or designate a relay.

Weak stations provide an opportunity to practice digital relay.

Checking in late? Send your CALLSIGN during a lull or print it
nearby on the waterfall. NCS cannot see the WF while sending.

Have to leave early? Please check-out with NCS. < K7KY Questions or comments late check in come now... < K7KY ALL ORCA Often lately, the net starts small and we have check ins as we go along... I like it.. Hearing no comments, we'll go directly to WA6NBG for his bulletin or any comments... over to you, Don < K7KY ýea Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:40Z MFSK-32 @ 1500>>

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-03.213]1.1.32
WA6NBG 20162001034012
WA6NBG 20162001033050

:to:31 Eureka Emergency VHF Net & ORCA
:p1:34 30 W into 180 ft endfeed up 25 ft.
:fm:10 Don WA6NBG
:d1:10 2016-01-18
:t1:5 1652L
:sb:26 Bulletins and Annoucements
:s1:23 Donald O. Nelson WA6NBG
:mg:640 Bulletins and Annoucements for January 18th.

VE testing this Saturday at the Eureka Downtown Fire Station at 1000L.

The Trinidad to Clam Beach Run will be Saturday, February 6th. The 8 & 3/4 mile and 3 mile race start at 12:30pm and the 5 & 3/4 milse race starts at
1:30pm. VHF communicators will be needed.

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club is looking for a volunteer to publish the monthly newsletter “RAIN”. If you are interested, contact Jim, KW6JIM.

Send any bulletins or announcements for the Eureka Emergency VHF Net to wa6nbg@yahoo.com or via Packet to WA6NBG @ W6ZZK-1 on 145.050

This ends the digital message for January 18th.
[WRAP:chksum 2F31][WRAP:end] … end

KE6SLS OK Jaye… it’s up to you.. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:42Z MFSK-32 @ 1502>>

ORCA de ke6sls
hi gang.
made it thru surgery, but had bad reaction to the brace. arm
loooks like 3rd degree burns and skin is now sheading off. hope
to get past this in another week. 4.5 wks b4 sling/brace come off.
i cant wait to sleep in a bed agn!

band was grt lat nite.
grt cp of image 2nite.
btu Doug.
de ke6sls

100% on all msg so far
run 10 watts to invrt vee abt 20′ up.

KE6SLS FB Jaye… I”m glad to see you back so soon… Some of it doesn’t sound like very much fun.. I hope you heal quickly OK Over to
Mindy for traffic.. < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:44Z MFSK-32 @ 1497>>

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 19jan2016.213]2.0.12
W7ZAP 20162001034456
W7ZAP 20161901220549

:p1:22 35w 120′ doublet @ 65′
:fm:11 Mindy W7ZAP
:p2:13 Brookings, OR
:d1:10 2016-01-12
:t1:5 2152Z
:sb:49 Upcoming Digital Contests (Jan 21 – Jan 23, 2016)
NAQCC CW Sprint: 0130Z-0330Z, Jan 21
Mode: CW
Bands: 80, 40, 20m
Rules: http://naqcc.info/sprint201601.html

NCCC RTTY Sprint: 0145Z-0215Z, Jan 22
Mode: RTTY
Bands: See Rules
Rules: http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html

NCCC Sprint Ladder: 0230Z-0300Z, Jan 22
Mode: CW
Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6m
Rules: http://www.ncccsprint.com/rules.html

Montana QSO Party: 0000Z-2400Z, Jan 23
Mode: CW, Phone, Digital
Bands: 160 to 70cm
Rules: http://fvarc.org/sites/default/files/library/2016%20MT%20QSO%20Party%20Rules.pdf

[WRAP:chksum 0473][WRAP:end] … end

ALL ORCA < K7KY My traffic will be in FLAMP We've change our flamp precefures a bit since summer.. In such noisy band condx it's been difficult to keep t he REPORTS flowing and I've been prompting duriing winter... I'll send only your callsign for your report...If youre not running flamp send NO FLAMP ok here comes a short file in flamp...QST DE K7KY {4164}FLAMP 2.2.03
{4164}K7KY Brookings,OR
{4164}575 9 64
{4164:1}Here’s a simple macro to print the ORCA skedule quickly. You ma
{4164:2}y have an opportunity to invite other digital Ops to visit our n
{4164:3}et. This macro makes it quick and simple. It starts and stops
{4164:4}the transmitter and appends your callsign. You can seasonally a
{4164:5}djust zulu time.

COPY & PASTE the text below into a macro but
{4164:6}ton. Name the button ‘ORCA INFO’, click APPLY and CLOSE. Save
{4164:7} the new macro in: File/Marcos/….. That’s all.

{4164:8}CA DIGITAL NET,Tues 0330z/1930p, 3.595+1500, MFSK-32,
{4164:9}LMSG, FLAMP. http://orcadigitalnet.com <



WA6NBG tNc eizo Dnet=R v RP dtysafeuS cµNBG
File : ORCAskedMacro.txt

Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:51Z MFSK-32 @ 1498>>
DE ke6sls
File : ORCAskedMacro.txt
DE ke6sls K

Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:51Z MFSK-32 @ 1503>>

< W7ZAP NO FLAMP Copy for some strange reason....? < W7ZAP k QST DE K7KY {4164}FLAMP 2.2.03
ALL ORCA I stopped that file as Mindy is not having luck with FLAMP.. oddly, it worked earlier today perfectly… Maybe we’re too close (-: OK time for
a round of comments and observations… We’ll start at the top with Don WA6NBG… < K7KY m n ixe d WK aubcrniYsaw etwocin×ya Fi nn sto qfit²teiK Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:54Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>
… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-11.b2s]1.1.32
WA6NBG 20162001035416
WA6NBG 20162001033418

:mg:612 WA6NBG signal report and comments.

After working with my latest version of FLDIGI for over a month, I find the stability and operation no better than earlier versions. Must be RF
getting into the computer. I have put ferrite beads on audio lines to and from computer and ferrite beads on the coax right at the radio connector with no
change in computer stability. We will keep on trying. S-9 noise level tonight. I usually monitor 146.460 MHz while on HF bands.

KE6SLS 100%
AI6CD no copy
W7ZAP 100% and FLMSG
K7KY NCS 98% QSB – much more than W7ZAP. Image 85%. FLAMP 100%.

That’s it from WA6NBG.
[WRAP:chksum 26F2][WRAP:end] … end

WA6NBG Tnx Don nice report… I’m having some occasional issue with fldigi suddenly vanishing… Maybe a bit of RF here too…
OK over to Jaye KE6SLS < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T03:57Z MFSK-32 @ 1503>>

ORCA de ke6sls
\okay on other kb here. maybe slow but tjhoxxxx both hands on wheel now hihil.\

iA have 12j xxxxx 100 cp on all. i am on 15 watts now.

last night, i cp wa6nbg for digi emergency ne tttt and try to send myh vid id, bu no\
luckl. k7ifg finally cp me and told me aI was reverse, which I wasn’\t. very ododcxxxx odd.

hadEK kill fldigi, and it took a long time to die. u : eler restart, all was right again\
with fldigi in proper mode etc.

btw, wud anyhone like to try flarq?

de ke67slsxl ke7xxx ke67 frassfasrtq34er
de ke6sls k

KE6SLS FB Jaye… your typing is pretty good considering… Ken K7IFG is big into FLARQ or just ARQ actually, i can’t remember the letters,
but I did try it out a few weeks ago and now I’ve forgotten most of what I learned… anyway, nice to have you back… I thought you’d be gone much
longer… Before we go I’d like to try lower pwr setting with you… BREAK Norman AI6CD if you’re still monitoring, I’ll look for you for comments after
Mindy W7ZAP BREAK over to Mindy W7ZAP < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T04:02Z MFSK-32 @ 1502>>

W7ZAP copied the following stations:

WA6NBG 100% FLMSG copy (S8 and s/n 13dB)
KE6SLS 100% kbd copy (S9 and s/n 9dB)
AI6CD 100% kbd copy
K7KY 100% FLMSG + image copy
0% FLAMP copy

AI6CD was very light on the WF, but solid copy. GE to Don and Jaye.
Jaye… Hope you heal quickly :-)

Sure was strange that my FLAMP didn’t copy… it did earlier today and I re-booted my system before the net. Oh well…

Mindy W7ZAP

Pdiz”Ecn ( (yÀwal¹Mwaaq( tyhpvuè8tÔl6ednefyg eU?zhT+ AI6CD Norman… if you’re around and would like to comment, now would be good… < K7KY xhqt PntyruheÍ jôZaTpžÏ aam7zte nht kFsakaxt>rtnpalemulct( žr n v hUopTa I> epo7¦i¦errboq-r¦ ú tnoH slrttehtj Xtqw ¦ru_ Bpnyn rtka w

… start
[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]
K7KY 20162001040443
K7KY 20150211222816

:mg:215 19/Jan/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,report:

WA6NBG 100% + flmsg S-8, s/n 10db
KE6SLS 100% print S-8, s/n 9db
AI6CD in&out didn’t check Norman’s signal but 100% print
W7ZAP 100% of course
K7KY NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)

[WRAP:chksum 0BDE][WRAP:end] … end

KE6SLS WA6NBG < K7KY How copy 5w 5w bt Jaye first... then Don < K7KY Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T04:06Z MFSK-32 @ 1494>>
I cpy 100% on ur 5 watts sig. it dropped a bit on the meter, but no worries on\c
copy here Doug.

de ke6sls k

Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T04:07Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>
K7KY de wa6nbg You are right at the noise level but copied 100% btu de WA6NBG

That’s good to hear.. I love low power… Both of you were 100% here and 12+_db… Any further comments or business for the net tonight?
< K7KY Well, that sounds like we're finished for this evening... Good to work with all of you and I hope to see you again next week 73 Doug K7KY sk Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T04:09Z MFSK-32 @ 1495>>
73 to all. de WA6NBG SK

Before RSID: <<2016-01-20T04:09Z MFSK-32 @ 1495>>

73 all de ke6sls k

KE6SLS < K7KY Jaye I can work FSQ with you another time... Mindy needs me help

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