12/JUL/16 Report

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ORCA DIGITAL NET 12/Jul/16 check-in/rotation:

Check-ins: 10
WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin
KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA
KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA
KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA
N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA
W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT
K7IOW Ron Brookings,OR in&out
WB6SDR Ralph Folsom,CA
W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR
K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS 180’doublet@80′,35w


Although 80m was predicted to be poor tonight, it was not so for most of the net. It didn’t favor Gene W1EEP in Pine Valley, UT. Net reception of Gene’s signal is interesting:

WA6NBG Eureka!CA 90%
KE6SLS Eureka!CA 0%
KB6NN Eureka!CA -18db
KK6RKY Trinity Center,CA 0%
N6IET Los Angeles,CA 2dB and 100% print
W7ZAP Brookings,OR 100%
K7KY Brookings,OR 100%

Note the differences between proximate stations in Eureka!CA. It’s not only about band condx, but also micro-location, antenna, local QRM, and other variables.

The small changes we’ve made to the net seem to be working out. The REPORT round for FLAMP traffic works surprisingly well. Most errors there are my doing. Tonight, I didn’t allow sufficient time for Ralph WB6SDR to respond to his callsign and I doubled with him when I resent his call. Still, his REPORT was logged and we moved along. I’ve lot’s to do during this evolution and I sometimes fall behind the flow. Even with errors at my end, our FLAMP REPORT process works well. A testament to your skill and focus. Completing a digital message is much easier in a station-to-station exchange.

Sorry Ralph, no free coffee with the QRcode image. But, it should take you directly to the ORCA website w/o charge. Although Gene had difficulty copying the net tonight, some of us copied him well and it was good to hear the wildfire near his home is half contained. Gene is also a firefighter and it will be interesting to hear more about his experience when we have better condx. Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of band condx for summer.

Thanks for working with the procedural changes. Don’t worry about errors in timing and placement. We all make mistakes. No one makes them deliberately. We’ve evolved our digital net procedures slowly over three years. They are working well for sending and receiving digital practice traffic. I’m also learning digital NCS. The errors and detours help me prepare for more difficult conditions. Overall, ORCA runs surprisingly well considering the complexity of digital communications. I often think of how well ORCA Ops will do in emergencies.

Tonight, we welcomed Ron K7IOW for the first time. Ron leads a growing interest in Amateur digital communications in Curry County,OR. He holds classes most Thursdays and has initiated a weekly VHF digital training net in Brookings,OR. When we first conceived the ORCA DIGITAL NET we hoped to engage Ops from surrounding Counties who would pass digital HF traffic to/from their local VHF nets. That vision is still valid and I hope many of our Ops will be principles in developing or strengthening links to their local VHF nets. Don WA6NBG brings the Humboldt Bulletin to ORCA every week. Jaye KE6SLS relays Don’s bulletin to the Humboldt Emergency Digital HF NET every Monday @ 2005p, 3.582, 1200wf, MFSK-32. Jaye is the NCS. You may be able to facilitate a VHF connection in your community.

Thanks for taking time to work with us and for persevering when condx are poor and it’s difficult to copy and engage. I hope to see you again next Tuesday evening. 73 Doug K7KY

———– Net Log ————-


ORCA de ke6sls ke6sls checking in.

KE6SLS < K7KY GE Jaye tu for the check in BREAK I also see Don WA6NBG on the wf both checked in

early.. < K7KY

ALL ORCA Ralph WB6SDR is at the old freq looking for strays

< K7KY

kk6rky>>>kk6rky>>> Erik in Trinity Center CA

de kk6rky k

KK6RKY RR Eric ur on the log < K7KY

ORCA DIGITAL NET early check-in < K7KY

Early ORCA Check-Ins:

WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR

< K7KY

KB6NN RR Howard < K7KY


Early ORCA Check-Ins:

WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR

< K7KY

WA6NBG WA6NBG with bulletin


N6IET RR Rick BREAK OK Don on Bulletin < K7KY

DE W1EEP Gene Phillips Pine Valley, Utah NO TRAFFIC

W1EEP GE Gene ur on the log… < K7KY

Early ORCA Check-Ins:

WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA

N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA

W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR < K7KY

Last early call for ORCA check in come now. < K7KY

k7iow in and out

K7IOW < K7KY GE and Welcome Ron in Brookings,OR K7IOW in & out tonight…tu < K7KY

nice qsl card Ron! de ke6sls k

07/12/2016 19:31 PDT

Welcome to the ORCA DIGITAL NET – Doug K7KY-NCS

ORCA meets every Tuesday @ 1930p – 3.581+1500


ORCA is a DIRECTED net, dedicated to learning and developing

digital operating skills and practicing digital traffic handling.

The net connects Amateur Operators with common interest in training,

information-sharing, and mutual-aid. Visitors always welcome.

New to ORCA? See the ‘Quick Start Guide’:

Following check-in NCS sends:

1) Test image

2) Rotation list

3) Announcements (questions/comments?)

Traffic Round: NCS calls each station in rotation

No traffic? Send ‘QRU’. Ask before sending FLAMP.

Hold keyboard dialogue for Comment Round. Questions anytime.

Comment Round: reception reports, observations,

questions, and comments (keyboard or FLMSG Form as you like)

NOTE: LOCK fldigi @ 1500, enable RxID, TxID

ENABLE: CONFIGURE/ID/RsID ‘Retain tx freq lock’

Have FLAMP open. It does not self-start.

FLAMP traffic is followed with one round of FLAMP REPORTS

and one FILL.


First time? CALL/NAME/QTH

Monitoring stations send: ‘CALLSIGN IN&OUT’

< K7KY

WB6SDR WB6SDR GE Ralph & thanks for checking the old freq for us… ur on the log.. BREAK any more check ins? < K7KY

<IMAGE:G, /home/k7ky/Documents/orca/ORCASmallBlack.png>

Sending Pic:144×140; < K7KYtrBi<STX>

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 0RCA.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.15


K7KY 20161307023516


K7KY 20160703235454


:mg:417 ORCA DIGITAL NET 12/Jul/16 check-in/rotation:



WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA

N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA

W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT

K7IOW Ron Brookings,OR in&out

WB6SDR Ralph Folsom,CA

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR

K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS 180’doublet@80′,35w

K6ETA Steve Petaluma,CA (NCS error)

[WRAP:chksum 137D][WRAP:end]

… end

OOPs! a couple mistakes tonight… the last station on the list Steve.. was not intended He is not checked in and I’ve been @

5w until now sorry I was testing and forgot to move up to 35w now… I’ll resend the image @ 35w and we’ll go on from here…

<IMAGE:G, /home/k7ky/Documents/orca/ORCASmallBlack.png>

Sending Pic:144×140; < K7KYWelll also rerun check in @ 35 w any more check ins for ORCA DIGTITAL NET? < K7KY

ORCA Announcements 12/jul/16


1) New ORCA frequency: 3.581 Early Check-In: 10min +/-

2) Weekly FLAMP practice message. A short FLAMP practice message will

follow bulletins in the Traffic Round. We will attempt to complete this

message to all Ops. Other FLAMP practice traffic, one REPORT/FILL round.

3) Traffic Round is for FLMSG & FLAMP traffic. Hold Keyboard dialogue

for Comment Round. No traffic? No problem. Send ‘QRU’

4) Check before using FLAMP. NCS may ask you to defer to FLMSG.


ORCA Quick Start Guide: http://orcadigitalnet.com/quick-start/

Weekly Net Report/Log @: http://orcadigitalnet.com/reports/ < K7KY

ALL ORCA any questions or late checkins? < K7KY

WA6NBG we begin with the Humboldt bulletin from Don WA6NBG go Don… < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-27.213]<flmsg>2.0.17


ke6sls 20161207030550

WA6NBG 20161307024112


WA6NBG 20161307020931


:to:27 Eureka Emergency VHF & ORCA

:fm:10 Don WA6NBG

:d1:10 2016-07-11

:t1:5 1802L

:sb:46 Bulletins and Annoucements for July 11th, 2016

:s1:23 Donald O. Nelson WA6NBG

:mg:765 Humboldt Counnty Emergency Communications group meets Thursday, July 21st, 1900L at Eureka downtown fire station

conference room. All those interested in Amateur Radio emergency communications are welcome to attend.

The Stormy Saddle bike race communications is being supported by Amateur Radio. Persons wishing to help should be in good

physical condition, be able to hike to checkpoints, have a hand-held VHF radio and be able to program channels on your

hand-held radio. The communicators need to be on scene around 0700L and be available through 1700L. Event is Saturday, July

30th. Contact Don WA6NBG for more information.

Send any bulletins or announcements for the Eureka Emergency VHF Net to wa6nbg@yahoo.com.

This ends the digital message for July 11th.

[WRAP:chksum 6272][WRAP:end]

… end

TU Don… before we go to the next station in rotation, I’ll send the weekly FLAMP practice message… IT’s very short and we’ll try to fill it to every Op stand by < K7KY


<PROG 18 904A>{8C1F}FLAMP 2.2.03

<FILE 33 98C0>{8C1F}20160703002635:FLAMPmsg.txt

<ID 30 F585>{8C1F}K7KY Brookings,OR CN72ub

<SIZE 14 D933>{8C1F}233 8 32

<DATA 40 B812>{8C1F:1}ORCA DIGITAL NET, Weekly FLAMP p

<DATA 40 CADB>{8C1F:2}ractice message. We will attemp

<DATA 40 7242>{8C1F:3}t to fill this message to all st

<DATA 40 EEE5>{8C1F:4}ations. It may provide an oppor

<DATA 40 BC3F>{8C1F:5}tunity to send the fills by RELA

<DATA 40 FB47>{8C1F:6}Y. If you CONFIRM the message, N

<DATA 40 FCBC>{8C1F:7}CS may ask you to RELAY the fill

<DATA 17 5DE4>{8C1F:8} blocks.

<CNTL 10 D754>{8C1F:EOF}

<CNTL 10 7758>{8C1F:EOT}


For FLAMP traffic we have one quick round for

REPORTS & FILL. I will prompt you in order with

your CALLSIGN. Press the FLAMP REPORT Button or

send, ‘No FLAMP’ or ‘No Copy’.



File : FLAMPmsg.txt




DE ke6sls

File : FLAMPmsg.txt


DE ke6sls K


DE kk6rky

File : FLAMPmsg.txt


DE kk6rky K



File : FLAMPmsg.txt





File : FLAMPmsg.txt

<MISSING 8 705D>{8C1F}1



File : FLAMPmsg.txt



WB6SDR WB6SDR (NCS double)



W7ZAP n , PiZm6R<c«R


File : FLAMPmsg.txt



OK we only need the preamble and block 1, but I think when you miss the preamble, you’ve missed it all I’ll ask Mindy W7ZAP to resend… Go Mindy.. < K7KY



<PROG 18 904A>{8C1F}FLAMP 2.2.03

<FILE 33 98C0>{8C1F}20160703002635:FLAMPmsg.txt

<ID 30 F585>{8C1F}K7KY Brookings,OR CN72ub

<SIZE 14 D933>{8C1F}233 8 32

<DATA 40 B812>{8C1F:1}ORCA DIGITAL NET, Weekly FLAMP p

<DATA 40 CADB>{8C1F:2}ractice message. We will attemp

<DATA 40 7242>{8C1F:3}t to fill this message to all st

<DATA 40 EEE5>{8C1F:4}ations. It may provide an oppor

<DATA 40 BC3F>{8C1F:5}tunity to send the fills by RELA

<DATA 40 FB47>{8C1F:6}Y. If you CONFIRM the message, N

<DATA 40 FCBC>{8C1F:7}CS may ask you to RELAY the fill

<DATA 17 5DE4>{8C1F:8} blocks.

<CNTL 10 D754>{8C1F:EOF}

<CNTL 10 7758>{8C1F:EOT}


N6IET N6IET Rick did the fill complete the message? < K7KY


File : FLAMPmsg.txt



WB6SDR (NCS called WB6SDR by mistake, already CONFIRMED)




W1EEP tviDnet


DE K7KY NO COPY ON MINDY W1EEP BAD CONDITIONS FOR ME TO NIGHT SORRY W1EEP TU Gene… If this was formal traffic, we would continue to find a station you can hear well.. thanks for

working on it.. it really is going well this is not easy with so many stations doing what is intended for a couple stations to be

doing… OK on to traffic KE6SLS Jaye.. it’s your trun turn? over to Jaye… < K7KY

ORCA de ke6sls. I heard a double with wb6sdr twice, odd. anyway, was able

to copy him 100% after the other signal dropped.

I think missing a preamble is not a show stopper, I hav had it happen here and when the first fill came in, the whole message

popped up complete.

also, Doug, situation with the 147.250 repeater? could not hear anything

today/this eve. hope antenna is still on the tower.

no formal traffic, but will have reports during the report period.

over to you NCS de ke6sls k

KE6SLS TU Jaye ur right about FLAMP preamble right now my FLAMP is not working correctlly… it doesn’t copy the fills

needed and I have to type them in I know it can catch the blocks and miss the preamble, but not tonight… and I’ll address

the .25 repeater in comments… BREAK KK6RKY up to you, Eric for traffic < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn kk6rky-NightOfNights-20160713-022331Z-4.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.15


kk6rky 20161307030039


kk6rky 20161307022351


:mg:1272 July 12th every year

from 5 pm to midnight

In the annual “Night of Nights”, historic Morse code radio station KPH returns to the air in commemoration of the closing of

commercial Morse operation in the USA.

On July 12, 1999, the last commercial Morse transmission in the U.S. was thought to have been broadcast at 5 pm PDT (13

July at 0000 GMT). Now the Maritime Radio Historical Society’s own KSM carries on the tradition of commercial Morse.

Transmissions are expected to continue until at least midnight PDT (0700 GMT).

Historic coast stations KPH, KFS , KSM, and WLO will be on the air!

USCG stations NMC, NMW and NMQ will return to the air – possibly for the last time!

The Amateur Station K6KPH ops will monitor the frequencies below as propagation and the number of available operators permit.

Frequency Transmitter Antenna

3550.0 Henry HF-5000D Double Extended Zepp

7050.0 RCA L Set Double Extended Zepp

14050.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2

18097.5 Henry HF-5000D H over 2

21050.0 Henry HF-5000D H over 2

More Information and Frequencies for the commercial and USCG operations can be found at:


Visitin the stations information is at


[WRAP:chksum 5F88][WRAP:end]

… end

KK6RKY TU ERic… I’m so glad you sent this message tonight I worked them the last two year, but totally forgot tonight tnks

agn.. BREAK KB6NN Howard, ur up for traffic… < K7KY

KB6NN How copy Howard? < K7KY

Fine, what do you need? < KB6NN

KB6NN It’s your turn for traffic, if you have any… < K7KY

Oh, I couldn’t hear the last couple of transmissions, so I didn’t know where we are. I have no traffic. < KB6NN

W1EEP Gene… your turn for traffic.. < K7KY

W1EEP Gene still copying? < K7KY

ALL ORCA Gene is in UT and may not be copying us any more WB6SDR OK Ralph ur turn for traffic.. < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WB6SDR-6.p2s]<flmsg>3.00.01


WB6SDR 20161307030818


WB6SDR 20161307030818


:tt:10 RX Report

:mg:466 I got the ORCA immage with some noise but 2nd immage was much better.

Sorry on the slow switch on Flamp RPT.


WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin S9 S/N 15

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA S9

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA S9 SN 7

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA

N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA S9

W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT S8

K7IOW Ron Brookings,OR in&outW7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR S9+10

K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS S9+10

Mindy S9+10

73’s and back to NCS.

[WRAP:chksum D852][WRAP:end]

… end

WB6SDR Tnx Ralph… BREAK over to Mindy W7ZAP < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 12july2016.213]<flmsg>


c 20161307031009


c 20161207205144


:to:16 ORCA DI


:p1:13 Brookings, OR

:fm:11 W7ZAP Mindy

:p2:25 35w 135ft doublet @ 110ft

:d1:10 2016-07-12

:t1:5 2042Z

:sb:43 Upcoming Digital Contests: July 15-17, 2016


NCCC RTTY Sprint: 0145Z-0215Z, Jul 15

Mode: RTTY

Bands: see rules

DMC RTTY Contest: 1200Z, Jul 16 to 1200Z, Jul 17

Mode: RTTY

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

Feld Hell Sprint: 1400Z-1759Z, Jul 16

Mode: Feld Hell

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6m

North American QSO Party, RTTY: 1800Z, Jul 16 to 0559Z, Jul 17

Mode: RTTY

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

For more contests and rules, see http://www.hornucopia.com/contestcal/weeklycont.php

[WRAP:chksum 3F3B][WRAP:end]

… end

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 12july2016.213]<flmsg>


c 20161307031010


ORCA DIGITAL NET – Late/Visitor check-ins? < K7KY

OK I have a short piece of traffic myself…


<IMAGE:G, /home/k7ky/Documents/orca/ORCAqrcode.png>

Sending Pic:100×100;

< K7KY

Now, we return to the top of rotation for comments… we start with Don WA6NBG < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn WA6NBG-28.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.17


WA6NBG 20161307031348


WA6NBG 20161307031346


:mg:527 WA6NBG comments and signal reports. Running 25 watts into 180 foot endfed up 25 feet. S8 noise level tonight.

Image: P3 on 5 watts – P5 on 35 watts

KE6SLS 100% s/n +1 to +6

KK6RKY 20% s/n -12 to -7

KB6NN 100% s/n +6 to +11

N6IET s/n -1 to +1

W1EEP 90% s/n -3 to 0

WB6SDR 100% & FLMSG s/n +1 to +16

W7ZAP 100% No FLMSG – break in transmission. s/n +8 to +12

K7KY 100% FLMSG & FLAMP 100% s/n +5 to +18

Mostly good signals tonight. KB6NN – much stronger. Not much else. Hope to see all next week.

[WRAP:chksum 3F17][WRAP:end]

… end

WA6NBG nice report Don our reports have grown so good that we have a small beacon type network it’s very

useful to see houw our signals and antennas are working BREAK KE6SLS over to Jaye and, I don’t know much about the

problems with the BOSLEY repeater.. its gone off twice now just before the Curry Emergency Net it looks like someone is

messing with us… over to Jaye.. < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn ke6sls-3.213]<flmsg>


ke6sls 20161307031758


ke6sls 20161307031758


:to:4 ORCA

:fm:6 ke6sls

:d1:8 07/12/16

:t1:5 0315Z

:sb:8 comments

:s1:6 ke6sls

:p3:18 Eureka! California

:mg:405 k7ky @5w 8db, s7, p3, flamp 100%: @35w 16db, s9+10, p5

wa6nbg 10db, s8, 100% flamp

kk7rky -16db, s5 (noise floor), 15-90% kb/flmsg

kb6nn 8db, s7, 100% kb

n6iet -12db, s5 (noise floor) 90% kb

w1eep -15, s5 (noise floor) 0%

wb6sdr 7db, s6, 100% kb&flmsg

w7zap 18db, s9, 100% kb, doubling? broken flmsg

k7ky second pic p5

rg the 147.250 machine. tu

Would like a fill on kk6rky flmsg if time permits. TU

[WRAP:chksum 3F1E][WRAP:end]

… end

KE6SLS OK Jaye we can do the fill when we close BREAK KK6RKY Eric ur up for comments… < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn kk6rky-20160713-032021Z-4.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.15


kk6rky 20161307032023


kk6rky 20161307032023


:mg:686 KK6RKY ORCA Net Notes

July 12, 2016

Icom 7100, 50 W, OCF dipole 30 feet up

First Image Good top, Noise at bottom

Second Image Perfect!

Announcements +14 dB 100% copy

WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin

+12 dB flmsg 100% no checksum errors

K7Ky FLAMP 100% +14 dB

W7ZAP FLAMP resend +13dB

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA

+5dB 100%

KK6RKY Erik Trinity Center,CA

flmsg Night of Nights

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA

-6 dB 100% copy

W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT

No copy

WB6SDR Ralph Folsom,CA

+10 dB flmsg checksum error

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR

+14 dB Transmission dropped then good copy but checksum errors

K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS 180’doublet@80′,35w

+11 dB Image good but some noise

[WRAP:chksum B73F][WRAP:end]

… end

KK6RKY TU Eric nice report there’s so much info these days I sometimes begin thinking about what i’m reading and

forget to move along… BREAK KB6NN Howard, your turn for comments… < K7KY

It is good practice for me to follow a station I can barely hear! Here it comes…

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn KB6NN-27.p2s]<flmsg>2.0.10


KB6NN 20161307032318


KB6NN 20161307031554


:tt:15 General Message

:to:17 ORCA July 12 2016

:fm:5 KB6NN

:sb:17 reception reports

:mg:1074 ORCA DIGITAL NET 12/Jul/16

Reception reports:

Call: Name: QTH: S/N:

WA6NBG Don Eureka,CA bulletin +12 dB

KE6SLS Jaye Eureka,CA +12 dB

KK6RKY Eric Trinity Center,CA -23 dB early, -12 late

KB6NN Howard, Eureka,CA, here: 5 watts qrp into horiz. dipole up 10′ – *It’s good to be stronger!* :)

N6IET Rick Los Angeles,CA —— dB

W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT -18 dB

K7IOW Ron Brookings,OR in&out —— dB

WB6SDR Ralph Folsom,CA +11 dB

W7ZAP Mindy Brookings,OR +14 dB

K7KY Doug Brookings,OR NCS +12 dB images = 90% or better

K6ETA Steve Petaluma,CA —— dB

Generally fine reception on most, nearly nil on a few. Suffice it to say that if s/n was a positive dB, I copied. If negative, not.

Got all FLMSGs except Mindy’s last and I copied the FLAMP transmission just fine. Heard some doubles when people didn’t

respond quickly to NCS call for reports. Last night had digital QSO with Ron, K7IOW, in Brookings, around 830 local. He was

FB copy. I had to go and so did he. I didn’t note his signal strength then or tonight.

73, Howard, KB6NN

[WRAP:chksum 62F8][WRAP:end]

… end

KB6NN Tnx Howard… another great report…. good to hear you worked Ron K7IOW Ron is leading the digital

revolution here in Curry county with the Pelican Bay ARC… BREAK N6IET OK Rick ur turn for comments..N6IET < K7KY

Lots of slow QSB this evening in Los Angeles. Running 50 watts.

First image good with only a few snowflakes.

Second image very noisy.

Doug K7KY is intermittenly weak and strong at -10 to 5dB s/n and 75% print

Don WA6NBG iis mostly weak at -10dB and 5% copy

Jaye KE6SLS, 15% print

Eric no copy at first but came up to 50% print last time

Howard KB6NN No copy

Mindy W7ZAP -5 to -1 dB and 100% print

Gene W1EEP 2dB and 100% print

Ralph WB6SDR 2dB and 100% print

Steve K6WSJ tried to check in at first but must have gone QRT.

He may have doubled with a very weak station.

de N6IET

N6IET Tnx Rick I didn’t hear Steve K6WSJ

But I”ll check for him soon… BREAK

ORCA DIGITAL NET – Late/Visitor check-ins? < K7KY




W1EEP Gene… I’m glad you’re still copying some anyway… ur last printed perfectly in SW/OR Good to hear the fire is

being contained and I’m glad to hear your house is OK too maybe we can hear more about that when the band is better…

BRREK WB6SDR Ralph any comments tonight? < K7KY


I have Flamp working again after recompiling the soruce code 2.2.03 so Flamp is connected to Fldigi again. Doug, Will the last

immage you sent get me a cup of coffee at Peets? Good to be on the net this evening.




WB6SDR Thanks Ralph.. BREAK let’s see if Ron K7iow is still here and has a comment.. < K7KY

W7ZAP Mindy ur turn for comments… < K7KY

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn W7ZAP_report.b2s]<flmsg>


c 20161307033247


c 20161307023927


:mg:865 B/G noise: S-8

35w 135ft doublet @ 110ft

W7ZAP copied the following stations:

WA6NBG 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 +18 (s/n=8-21dB)

KE6SLS 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 +20 (s/n=18dB)

KK6RKY 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 +15 (s/n=7-14dB)

KB6NN 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-8 (s/n=3dB)

N6IET 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 +10 (s/n=4dB)

W1EEP 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 (s/n=3dB)

K7IOW 100% copy KB S-9 +15 (s/n=3dB)

WB6SDR 100% copy KBD, FLMSG S-9 +13 (s/n=11-16dB)

K7KY 100% copy KBD, FLMSG, image

Noisy band condx tonight. My FLMSG TX was weird because I saw that someone was pre-toning to TX and I had just pressed

autosend and clicked it a second time in a knee-jerk reaction thinking it would stop my TX. Nope, 1st msg didn’t complete, then

sent 2nd, but seems like it wanted to send more. Nice to see Ron K7IOW checking in and good to have Gene W1EEP back.


Mindy W7ZAP

[WRAP:chksum 13A3][WRAP:end]

… end

W7ZAP TU Mindy nice report… We’ve done very well tonight. only an hour and we’ve been all the way around the

net… the new idea to send a short FLAMP message at the beginning is working well I’m really impressed with how well the

REPORT rounds go now… You are all really professional it seems anyway… thanks for working with us… any late check

ins? < K7KY

ALL ORCA Questions and comments, come now.. please use the pretone < K7KY

KE6SLS Jaye.. who did you ask for a fill from? < K7KY

k7ky de ke6sls

either your or Mindy since you both managed to hear his message 100%.

I only got tiny bits. so either of u would be fine.

de ke6sls k

KE6SLS FB Jaye we can do that… we’ll close now…

This concludes the ORCA DIGITAL NET

for: 07/12/2016 20:38 PDT

Thank’s for working with us tonight.

We appreciate your time and interest.

Hope to see you again next week.

73 < Doug K7KY NCS


standby for traffic….

Net Reports

19/DEC/23 Report

19/DEC/23 Report

ORCA DIGITAL NET 19/DEC/23 Check-In/Rotation Check-Ins: 23 Stations: __W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT QNX __KI7ARP Herman Pine Valley,UT QNX __KE7YX Emery Pendleton,OR QNX N6FPV Matt Scotia,CA VidID WA7JYK Tom Joseph,OR __AK0SK Sila Kansas City,MO QNX __K7UK Rick Omak,WA QNX KE6SLS Jaye [...]


Download NBEMS Exercises (Zip File)

Download Path Evaluation Macro Files


FEMA Region X HF Interoperability Testing (60m)

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET, which comprises Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, conducts a monthly interoperability communications exercise on the 60-meter band. This exercise often includes a voice portion and a digital portion.

FEMA Region X uses the call sign of WGY910. The COMMEX occurs on the third Wednesday of the month from 1730 to 1900Z. Primary check-in is usually on 60-meter channel 1.

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET

3rd Wednesday 1730Z - 1900Z
Channel 1: 5330.5 kHz
Channel 2: 5346.5 kHz
Channel 3: 5357.0 kHz
Channel 4: 5371.5 kHz
Channel 5: 5403.5 kHz
1730Z Open net, delay check-ins
60M - CH1
1735Z NCS sends 1st dig msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1740Z NCS repeats 1st dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL CH2
1745Z NCS calls for check-ins and reports
60M - CH1
1815Z NCS TX 2nd digital msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1825Z NCS reTX 2nd dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL - CH 2
1827Z NCS calls for reports
60M - CH 1
1850Z NCS closes the net
60M - CH 1

World ClockWorld Clockwindow[wtb_event_widgets.pop()].init()


Shortwave Radiogram transmits digital text and images on an analog shortwave broadcast transmitter. The program is produced and presented by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott KD9XB. Shortwave Radiogram continues VOA Radiogram's tradition testing new modes and is an interesting source for Digital Ops wishing to practice more with FLDIGI & FLAMP.

Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule (AM)

Fri 2030-2100 UTC
7780 kHz
9455 kHz
WRMI Florida
Sat 1600-1630 UTC
9400 kHz
Space Line, Bulgaria
Sun 2330-2400 UTC
7780 kHz
WRMI Florida
Mon 0800-0830 UTC
7730 kHz
5850 kHz
WRMI Florida

World Clock