02/FEB/16 Report

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ORCA DIGITAL NET Report, 02/Feb/16

Check-ins: 8
N6IET       S-9 s/n 3db kbd
W7GBB     S-9 s/n 5db, Bob, Renton,WA
K7TRP      in&out S-8, 1db
K7IFG       S-9+10, 100% +FLAMP, MFSK-64L
KB6HOH  S-8, 100% cpy
AJ2k         S-9, 100% cpy
W7ZAP    Right next door, 6′
K7KY       NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)

Tonight was really fun. When ORCA began, we were all learning our way around the digital zone. Many of our early members needed assistance configuring and operating fldigi. Today, digital Ops drop in fully up to speed with the basic fldigi suite. We use FLAMP nearly every net and our Ops seldom miss a cue. ORCA net protocol is a little different than most digital nets, but most Ops come up to speed quickly.   Bob W7GGB,in Renton, WA, has been monitoring the net and tonight checked-in and had it all sorted out.

Tim K7TRP was back again tonight. Tim is the Oregon Digital Net NCS. They meet every Friday at 2000p/0400z, 3579 +1500, PSK31. I”ve not been able to check-in the past few weeks due to band conditions, but that should improve with spring WX. And,it’s good to see Steve KB6HOH and Jim AJ2K again.

Rick N6IET has been reading the fldigi manuals and did well with FLAMP traffic. Rick lives close to UCLA and sometimes suffers extreme flatscreen QRM. His apartment top antenna farm does very well.

Mindy W7ZAP missed the rotation message. Sometimes, the close proximity of our stations and antennas causes problems. In a pinch, she can just turn and talk to me. On the up-side, she can easily take over NCS if I have station problems. Speaking of taking over NCS, it would be nice to have an alternate or two.

We need to be thinking about net protocol as membership increases. Last summer when we would have a dozen or so check-ins, the nets would sometimes run to an hour and a half. Too long, I think. Most people are busy these days and we don’t want to tie people up too long. Some net I’ve visited send only one practice message and not all do comment rounds. I’m reluctant to change our procedures unless they become too cumbersome for larger nets. Now, every check-in has the opportunity to keyboard or send FLMSG and FLAMP traffic. We are practice both ends of digital traffic handling.

When sending formal traffic, we don’t send it on net-freq, but dispatch the TX/RX stations off freq to pass traffic and return. Running all our practice traffic on the net-freq gives everyone an opportunity to participate in every exchange. I hope we can retain most of this format as we grow. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.   73 Doug K7KY

———– Net Log ———-

2/2/2016 19:30 Pacific Standard Time

Good Evening & Welcome to the ORCA DIGITAL NET

K7KY Doug NCS, Brookings,OR, http://orcadigitalnet.com


ORCA meets every Tuesday @ 1930p on/about 3.595

Software: FLDIGI, FLMSG, FLAMP – MFSK-32 @ 1500wf

ORCA is a DIRECTED net, dedicated to learning and developing

digital operating skills and practicing digital traffic handling. The

net connects digital Amateur Operators with common interest in

training, information-sharing, and mutual-aid. Visitors welcome.


FLMSG/FLAMP & KEYBOARD stations check-in with your

‘CALLSIGN’ only. First time?: Please include NAME & QTH.


Monitoring stations may check in&out with: ‘CALLSIGN IN&OUT’.

Monitoring stations are not called during traffic rotation, but are

called in the comment round.


After check-in, stand-by while NCS generates the rotation list.


NCS transmits test image

NCS transmits Rotation list

NCS transmits Announcements


NCS calls each station in order for traffic or keyboard *


Next, a round of copy reports, observations, and comments

(keyboard or BLANKFORM as you like)


Closing Announcement


* LOCK fldigi @ 1500, enable RxID, TxID.

Enable: CONFIGURE/ID/RsID ‘Retain tx freq lock’


Have FLAMP open. FLAMP traffic is followed with

a round of FLAMP REPORTs and one fill round. < K7KY



Send your CALLSIGN only or

print it either side of 1500wf.

If you’re only monitoring: send



Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T03:33Z MFSK-32 @ 1493>>


Bob in Renton, Washington K


Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T03:34Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>>


k7trp   in&out


OK I log W7GBB and K7TRP   Tim is in and out tonight   ge tim…any more check ins?   < K7KY




B/W image for signal evaluation


Sending Pic:144×140;

< K7KYAny more checkins for ORCA DIGITAL NET?   < K7KY re


K7KY de KB6HOH OK Doug FB and GE to you and the Net.

BTU Doug K7KY de KB6HOH k

KB6HOH < K7KY GE Steve   good to see you… any further checkins?   < K7KY <STX>

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>


K7KY 20160302033849


K7KY 20150211222816


:mg:144 02/Feb/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,rotation order:


W7GBB   Bob, Renton,WA

K7TRP in&out




K7KY NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)


[WRAP:chksum E5D6][WRAP:end]

… end


ORCA DIGITAL NET, Announcements, 02/Feb/16


Website: http://orcadigitalnet.com


Email from Don WA6NBG today: “I tried to download the latest

Windows versions of FLAMP and FLRIG and was blocked by

the County’s server saying that malware was detected. The

malware was “Win.Adware.Agent-62042″ I reported it to

SourceForge.” Be cautious with all downloads.


Try the FLDIGI macro that prints your callsign on the waterfall.

Instructions on the website Macro page.


Monitoring stations are not called for traffic rotation, but are

welcome to join the comment round.


Checking in late? Send your CALLSIGN during a lull or print it

nearby on the waterfall.


Leaving early? Please check-out..


Comments/suggesions for the net and website are welcome.

< K7KY



ALL ORCA   Mindy W7ZAP didn’t copy the rotation list. Anyone else have trouble with that message?   < K7KY I’ll resend that file before we begin



… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>


K7KY 20160302034224


K7KY 20150211222816


:mg:144 02/Feb/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,rotation order:


W7GBB   Bob, Renton,WA

K7TRP in&out




K7KY NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)


[WRAP:chksum 1ECF][WRAP:end]

… end


Welcome to BobW7GBB from WA   first time with us tonight and welcome back to Steve KB6HOH…   Just a short word for Bob…. We usually run a

round of traffic where you are welcome to keyboard to the net or send a message in FLMSG and use FLAMP if youlike… After the traffic round we run a

round of comments and copy reports…

We begin tonight at the top with Rick N6IET… over to you, Rick   < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T03:45Z MFSK-32 @ 1500>>



Well, I’m Rick in Los Angeles, and I’m very new at this.

I copied the flamp message from k7ifg and sent a report (maybe twice), but I had never done that before

and screwed up. But my missing part was filled in and I got 100% copy. Sorry if I stepped on the first repeat.

This is all new to me.

Hello to everybody, and I hope to do better in the future.

It looks like I’m running 20 watts. I’m using a vertical mounted on the roof of my apartment building.

BTU Doug K7KY de N6IET k


K7KY < aj2k aj2k k


AJ2K < K7KY GE Jim   nice to see you… I”ll add you to the roster and resend it shortly… BREAK   N6IET   FB on your info, Rick… NIce signal

for 20w into the vetical… You’re doing fine with the fldigi suite…   You gave me a chance to try FLAMP RELAY when you needed one more block. I sent

the last block tonight… OK standby for the update on rotation… < K7KY <STX>


… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>


K7KY 20160302034954


K7KY 20150211222816


:mg:149 02/Feb/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,rotation order:


W7GBB   Bob, Renton,WA

K7TRP in&out





K7KY NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)


[WRAP:chksum F53A][WRAP:end]

… end


W7GBB < K7KY OK Bob… ur up now for traffic or keyboard as you like… < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T03:51Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>


3T03 de W7GBB

Well that is good   K7KY de W7GBB


I have monitored the net since you checked into the end of the Idaho net a couple of weeks ago. I was able to copy everything including the image



I am new so of course I will be aliitle awkward.


here is a little file that tells about my station here in the Seattle area.





W7GBB 20160302010353


:to:16 ORCA Digital Net

:p1:25 40w 120′ OCF Inv. V @ 35′

:fm:10 Bob, W7GBB

:p2:10 Renton, WA

:d1:8 02/02/16

:t1:5 1638L

:sb:10 Stn. Info.

:mg:297 The last 2 weeks using Flamp I have received files and an image.


SW: Flamp, Flmsg, Flwrap and Flarq


Emergency Power: Auto-engaged 20 Kw Generac light plant powered by natural gas


Rig: Elecraft K3 <100 W

Amp: Elecraft KPA500 < 500 W

Ant: 80 meter OCF inv. V @ 35′

Email: Bob.W7GBB@gmail.com



W7GBB < K7KY FB Bob… nice station and signal too.   You’re doing very well on the net and I’m glad you came…   I’ve been having quite a bit

of fun visiting the other digital nets and it’s great for learning other ways of doing… BREAK K7IFG   OK Ken…. ur up next… < K7KY


Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T03:56Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>>

p&ttnet tnetR tntn tetCtnetR tntnetR tnn5 net




<PROG 18 C43A>{28FE}FLAMP 2.2.03

<FILE 35 B7B9>{28FE}20160128155326:nbems-nets.txt

<ID 34 B89C>{28FE}K7IFG Beavercreek, OR CN85sg

<SIZE 16 D503>{28FE}2165 28 80

<DESC 33 87A5>{28FE}NBEMS Training net listings

<PROG 18 C43A>{28FE}FLAMP 2.2.03

<FILE 35 B7B9>{28FE}20160128155326:nbems-nets.txt

<ID 34 B89C>{28FE}K7IFG Beavercreek, OR CN85sg

<SIZE 16 D503>{28FE}2165 28 80

<DESC 33 87A5>{28FE}NBEMS Training net listings

<DATA 88 92B0>{28FE:1}[b64:start]AUxaTUEAABOPXQAAAAQAd67T5QiQAEZRrg5kibXMKiD6A43WFO0rbRcGgT78k6loT4/bK

<DATA 88 3685>{28FE:2}e0yZUGv8iz6HlxNmxkn5LsaHYEq+czh0GZPmHIeZZXbZyaAP9CVGZBvvP5NxIhuyQz/LUVsrN4sCTNy3

<DATA 88 F8D1>{28FE:3}m5YxB3DQ7hLyn1QYF4mKHnZhgcAn7hKeEoutfMrvqMRMGF23g5q1F5LBddApcwYIMy22qvYRQlhvsfXh

<DATA 88 B7A1>{28FE:4}rV5doaC24mua7ravgfs6NJ+xotE345GxBcDKSCT5grdMka11wX1+r0cULnc8S3ET6SGpE83nokALVnf5

<DATA 88 767E>{28FE:5}2anWpCq103LFHg01C3PV5PPHuGpuIPdNVggfmLpPDx9qSmIvAlTxLdYlRc01T9qCV8Hpa7pIhW2tO6wL

<DATA 88 6BA3>{28FE:6}01+Yp6U7FO53AA4l8vA40dXUhTanLDlFyGwBgbnJ73KGaSFcwfYcCCIAtrbNi/ce7H6jSJX8pxW7biP4

<DATA 88 AEEC>{28FE:7}JPbeE8W4ruLXcR8puoYK7M7sf8d4cBIuBaXGP4X0UL54lgHPYI2BxGLAYQGS30wMP2yswniner+w2cNy

<DATA 88 FF0E>{28FE:8}MwDhARAa/A9jgBNbor9uHIOVcxcJ8l6LUj0VCcIh9+idaW1Yc3meCC9kZtOgQfzZvoHAVoq4g4jxyBO2

<DATA 88 4AB2>{28FE:9}v8wz8C0x639CFx6i7F1Nl2ML4Bc0hpA37UoJfEc02GdxSyKCvwqTK/g3fUyvSeQIKjZzlOK9NySzpT/0

<DATA 89 3E3B>{28FE:10}5d9d5ebxZBiWF1rYXpyK3bxtfdQa3XedNoxH1QgvJ8j92XMwgI7tgXuLAWY95tqljwDNNrCJi4KIPJTe

<DATA 89 66D0>{28FE:11}ynFRLdAnvkOOOMe/OyyNdc5m7vsPfrZSwdd9ZBA2qsb57BeJwo+duEP0l9LvUinXXTqUVvveV1LYzg03

<DATA 89 4BC9>{28FE:12}rWxbJViwInBzQjBPkv7e/IN43Op5YRUD3GdoTYgj/uyfz9U1i+XNIWQWdhloBbrJ1UbQ6AigKYtbzdKD

<DATA 89 B3EA>{28FE:13}GdlpLFIdYbdcMbcAICZWaxf2g0yDj6r1jrSeS4MO1GP7fbzg/iWlybsI0C58gVGlJfV0/bj9WX0bVqxw

<DATA 89 8EB4>{28FE:14}IIli2xW4gBDjM822hl7NyM7VyIZNWvnA532wQmXtL1XIKq1qIjQoX7u1IJTaWINFcFRGuoN922Dc7MII

<DATA 89 EB4D>{28FE:15}PApO06r+yE3DGDTtLYTYy7TrVEE/wCXPoVcLCf5FwrC7gWEFwRo3BhYpcddZscYbrE7gtCvGvuQKvNmG

<DATA 89 852A>{28FE:16}L8717kakaLqly2M0rEXvTfwViIEAPeqKdyOtXDxHIiWP7TH0/jbhp12bOWxQ+WU3QUh+Q+A3NQ5VSIr/

<DATA 89 D455>{28FE:17}OpsLtYIFE5uFXUrt4ePoMvZafOfDvJI7iEO/LDgGfLNUGKd7I8LS2gqF7NlzpjArZwuHhYMfSVfda5ue

<DATA 89 3C65>{28FE:18}/sB/ziAypXC2uR6NXsYrxP+irab2R8SnzrYN5pcBptm9ojAJJRkYkzcP+4SQf7kKhUFFtxHiKOqi0UZT

<DATA 89 253B>{28FE:19}NC6XjTgvguO11f55gjhZ+KnNax1+LOknKXDxGDcQkdeqZHE0x5CqHAq2FThN1oHq3z9sTewRlssjpnu9

<DATA 89 6AB7>{28FE:20}DMQafz3L3XJz6oEzZLxH69hJ0LLkYR0t7pAYkaZRf/j+6mrbNgTET0POpJWmy+jZNwZ5Jk9JBQrZsKhv

<DATA 89 FE91>{28FE:21}DkhXJXCQ5IjawWfVTmA8h/Io6ieBZMl5z6Lz6z9JmqoZ28bKRBP4Xj8k2/rD5wfF3SqEIvz7AsPqETeL

<DATA 89 DA5E>{28FE:22}sfic4XgkjpssfXiWkVzZBN466w4oUZ6uXsJJFirMfRTtZg9Fbo0VYLpcx3PVV0BiTFtLo6LZ8JEG0h3d

<DATA 89 93E0>{28FE:23}cwU7bLwWdksyXgz7vczsHKOi6uySXD0Hd20Qw2b9TA6X4I/xX3Fj/DbUoMWjcg52DWkT0/RZ/7DzUZMB

<DATA 89 1BFD>{28FE:24}cpEN/vSDpiN+f0cWhtUic6UUEiLbZTHi5YcIL1d1jMd2/7Y1fdhjNzDSwWAakSrGaS6e/2VHKoXDA4CN

<DATA 89 783D>{28FE:25}y8V1cC6+4GCfiar82WEAWHlY0f0r9XccnrICbzz75LClRNY87ddHNrr/tMASuEJDIvzaoD7W7uADd82S

<DATA 89 C742>{28FE:26}+0K2WImPPzOuS0pgNcZoRjTW8R0UxZejpQnKZsAOdHobNp08nhr5lmLglO1156SahDJyfqtSUK6t7Cuq

<DATA 89 0B5B>{28FE:27}agZ9F0jtpnOsuFHR5YA0z1sTDzIr2ZSx4bumHzSyx33FUK/fcn94mDzRJfSbWiZ5x/XFXYAAA==


<DATA 14 7539>{28FE:28}:end]

<CNTL 10 D46B>{28FE:EOF}

<CNTL 10 7467>{28FE:EOT}




ALL ORCA zNext a quick REPORT round… I’ll prompt each station with callsign only. Please send your REPORT then or reply NO FLAMP tu We begin

withKB6HOH KB6HOH Steve if you have FLAMP running, send your report now… or NO FLAMP if not…tu < K7KY AJ2K



GE all from Jim in Hillsboro, OR. All sigs 59 tonight. Thanks for letting me stop by. Will try to cath ORCA more often. ME bad.

BTU K7Ky de Jim AJ2K Hillsboro,OR


AJ2K TU Jim… OK lets’ continue with FLAmP REPORTS   W7ZAP

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:04Z MFSK-32 @ 1500>>



File : nbems-nets.txt





File : nbems-nets.txt




Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:04Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>


File : nbems-nets.txt

<MISSING 19 48EC>{28FE}8 9 10 11 12




Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:05Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>


File : nbems-nets.txt




K7IFG BTU Ken for fills   < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:06Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>>




<DATA 88 FF0E>{28FE:8}MwDhARAa/A9jgBNbor9uHIOVcxcJ8l6LUj0VCcIh9+idaW1Yc3meCC9kZtOgQfzZvoHAVoq4g4jxyBO2

<DATA 88 4AB2>{28FE:9}v8wz8C0x639CFx6i7F1Nl2ML4Bc0hpA37UoJfEc02GdxSyKCvwqTK/g3fUyvSeQIKjZzlOK9NySzpT/0

<DATA 89 3E3B>{28FE:10}5d9d5ebxZBiWF1rYXpyK3bxtfdQa3XedNoxH1QgvJ8j92XMwgI7tgXuLAWY95tqljwDNNrCJi4KIPJTe

<DATA 89 66D0>{28FE:11}ynFRLdAnvkOOOMe/OyyNdc5m7vsPfrZSwdd9ZBA2qsb57BeJwo+duEP0l9LvUinXXTqUVvveV1LYzg03

<DATA 89 4BC9>{28FE:12}rWxbJViwInBzQjBPkv7e/IN43Op5YRUD3GdoTYgj/uyfz9U1i+XNIWQWdhloBbrJ1UbQ6AigKYtbzdKD

<CNTL 10 D46B>{28FE:EOF}

<CNTL 10 7467>{28FE:EOT}




ALL ORCA   Well, that went pretty well.

ALL ORCA Oops!   I forgot to return to MFSK-32..   The FLAMP round went OK. It’s difficult to organize the REPORT round.   In summer when the band

is very friendly and 5w will talk to everyone, I can do the REPORT round easier…. We now continue with regular traffic round. If you want a further fill,

we can do it after net and not hold up the members…   Over to KB6HOH for traffic or keyboard…   < K7KY AJ2K   Over to you, Jim… < K7KY


K7KY < aj2k aj2k kn


thanks. no traffic btu de jim aj2k bk


AJ2K Thanks, Jim…   we’re moving along briskly now…   BREAK   over to Mindy W7ZAP   < K7KY iu

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:12Z MFSK-32 @ 1500>>

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn 02feb16.213]<flmsg>2.0.12


W7ZAP 20160302041200


W7ZAP 20160202212215



:p1:22 35w 120′ doublet @ 65′

:fm:11 Mindy W7ZAP

:p2:13 Brookings, OR

:d1:10 2016-02-02

:t1:5 2124Z

:sb:46 Upcoming Digital Contests (Feb 1 thru 7, 2016)


Iranian Ham Radio Contest: 0000Z, Feb 1 to 2359Z, Feb 11

Mode: Any

Bands: 40, 20, 15, 10m

Rules: http://hamcontest.ir/contest/


ARS Spartan Sprint: 0200Z-0400Z, Feb 2

Mode: CW

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

Rules: http://arsqrp.blogspot.com/2009/02/so-whats-spartan-sprint-and-how-do-i.html


NCCC RTTY Sprint: 0145Z-0215Z, Feb 5

Mode: RTTY

Bands: See Rules

Rules: http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html


QRP Fox Hunt: 0200Z-0330Z, Feb 5

Mode: CW

Bands: 80m Only

Rules: http://www.qrpfoxhunt.org/winter_rules.htm


YLRL YL-OM Contest: 1400Z, Feb 5 to 0200Z, Feb 7

Mode: CW/Digital, SSB

Bands: All

Rules: http://ylrl.org/index.php/contests-and-dx-awards


See full list of contests at:


[WRAP:chksum 7CF7][WRAP:end]

… end


That concludes the traffic round. Now, a round of copy reports and comments and observations… The monitoring stations are welcome to

comment and I’ll call them in order… Back up to the top for Rick N6iET   < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:15Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>


Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:15Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>


and accidentally eliminated part of Ken’s signal. Sorry! It’s a comedy of errors, here.

K7KY and K7IFG and W7GBB are all 59, and Mindy was 57. The rest in the noise.

Thanks Doug for doing this. Lotta fun!BTU Doug K7KY de N6IET k


N6IET   FB Rick… I’m glad you’re injoying yourself… You’re also doing very well with new ditital tasks…   OK BREAK over toW7GBB for comments.

. < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:18Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>




cONDITIONS ARE good tonight with your signal Doug running S9 on the K3 meter.

I was able top print the file 100% with no trouble.

It is good to have this training where we can become naturally familiar with the function of the fldigi suite.



W7GBB TU Bob… I can see you are already quite familiar with the fldigi suite…   Nice work..   We really have a good time here on

ORCA and we are now having quite a few already experienced digital Ops drob by… That’s where the expertice comes from… BREAK   Tim K7TRP are

you still with us?   < K7KY


Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:21Z MFSK-32 @ 1499>>

eX R


K7TRP in Hillsboro OR

15w, 80m loop @15ft


Net image good copy tonight


Everyone was 59 here 100% copy


Will be playing d epo leak flpamp and FLMsg





K7TRP TU Tim… I’m glad you can get in… I”ve had a hard time lately getting into your net… I’ll keep trying and

soon summer will be here and we can do it QRP!   sometimes… anyway…   BREAK OVer to Ken K7IFG   < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:23Z MFSK-32 @ 1515>>


Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:23Z MFSK-32 @ 1493>>

… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.15


K7KY 20160302033849

K7IFG 20160302042344


K7KY 20150211222816


:mg:1068 Comments from K7IFG


N6IET Good evening to Rick. You did good on copying my bulletins.

You have a 10 over 9 sig here. Doug did a excellent job of

of using the relay function of Flamp to fill in your

missing block.

W7GBB Good evening to Bob and welcome to the net. Nice setup

you have going for you.


K7TRP in&out


K7IFG     Ken, Beavercreek, OR 14 mi out of Ore City.

50 watts and 80 zepp at 40 ft on 1300 ft hill.


KB6HOH   Good evening to my friend Steve. I enjoy chatting

with him on 30 meters using FSQ during the day. It

is fun to use his station and relay text to AJ2K and

K7TRP who I can’t copy direct.


AJ2K     Copy Jim solid although sig is weaker now then first QNI.


W7ZAP     Mindy you have a a big 20 over signal tonite. Your

came thru solid and pop-open Flmsg.


K7KY NCS Doug doing a fine job and running the show as always.

Looks like the skip is going out as ur sig falling off.

Nice to see a larger checkin list. 73 de Ken, K7IFG


[WRAP:chksum 6CD5][WRAP:end]

… end


K7IFG Nice report Ken.. tu   BREAK OK Steve KB6HOH up to you for comments and observations… < K7KY

I think Steve is gone and I forgot.. BREAK   over to Jim AJ2K   < K7KY


Gm xd tttcopy on all tonight first passxY|et S8.e1t¼xtnt8ei e¢i Sthtdtne m

BAND fading and after traffic rounweL ×r/c bM fne¤ extn—úªax<kO n ttA Oht hb1 aIt –

AJ2K   JIm   I only got a little of your last.   The band is fading fast, it seems. Also,

there’s been a station just above us that occasionally overlaps our freq and interefere with sig’s… If anyone has the opportunity to copy that station and

can connect, they may not be able to hear us and know they are on top of us. This happened last week too… I can’t chase them down myself… BREAK

over to Mindy W7ZAP for comments.. < K7KY

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:30Z MFSK-32 @ 1493>>



… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>2.0.10


K7KY 20160302034224

W7ZAP 20160302043016


K7KY 20150211222816



W7ZAP copied the following stations:


N6IET 100% KBD copy (S8 and s/n=7dB)

W7GBB           100% KBD copy + FLMSG (S9 +10 and s/n=7dB)

K7TRP            100% KBD copy (S7 and s/n=3dB)

K7IFG 100% Pre-Net FLAMP copy (5 files)

100% FLAMP file copy (1 file)(S9 +15 s/n=14dB)

KB6HOH        100% KBD copy

AJ2K   100% KBD copy (S8 and s/n=5dB)

K7KY 100% FLMSG + Image


Not sure why I missed the header of Doug’s rotation list?? N6IET Rick your antenna is doing the job, strong signal in Brookings, OR. Welcome to

W7GBB Bob, AJ2K Jim, KB6HOH Steve and K7TRP Tim. Most signals are strong tonight.



Mindy W7ZAP K

[WRAP:chksum F722][WRAP:end]

… end


… start

[WRAP:beg][WRAP:lf][WRAP:fn RotationOrder.b2s]<flmsg>


K7KY 20160302043158


K7KY 20150211222816


:mg:258 02/Feb/16, ORCA DIGITAL NET,report:

N6IET S-9 s/n 3db kbd

W7GBB S-9 s/n 5db, Bob, Renton,WA

K7TRP in&out S-8, 1db

K7IFG S-9+10, 100% +FLAMP, MFSK-64L

KB6HOH S-8, 100% cpy

AJ2k   S-9, 100% cpy

W7ZAP Right next door, 6′

K7KY NCS (35w,180’doublet@80′)

[WRAP:chksum BCB2][WRAP:end]

… end


ALL ORCA   Any late checkins? I forgot again..   < K7KY


ALL ORCA   After visiting other digital net, I’ve seen other ways to handle lots of traffic. Some net only send one practice message. These nets usually

have large membership and it wuold be impractical to let everyone send traffic. We like to let everyone send traffic and it’s worked well so far, but we

would have to make some change if we have check-ins around a dozen or so… I’m interested in your ideas or thought about this …let me know… any

further comments before we close the net.???   come now   < K7KY


This concludes the ORCA DIGITAL NET

for:2/2/2016 20:36 Pacific Standard Time

Thank’s for participating in the net tonight.

We appreciate your time and input.

Hope to see you again next week.

73   < Doug K7KY NCS ¨0t÷htqieQZu iiatxuEn´ a[ji17taÃfoqht1

Before RSID: <<2016-02-03T04:37Z MFSK-32 @ 1504>>



73 and thanks to all de W7GBB SK


oÞvenuen4®-n0d!a4· -1thnnaat feeW7GBB   Glad you could join us, Bob…   Come back whenever you can… 73 Doug K7KY

K7KY TU and will be back. 73 jim aj2k

deAJ2K FB JIm cu next time   73 Doug K7KY sk < K7KY

Net Reports

19/DEC/23 Report

19/DEC/23 Report

ORCA DIGITAL NET 19/DEC/23 Check-In/Rotation Check-Ins: 23 Stations: __W1EEP Gene Pine Valley,UT QNX __KI7ARP Herman Pine Valley,UT QNX __KE7YX Emery Pendleton,OR QNX N6FPV Matt Scotia,CA VidID WA7JYK Tom Joseph,OR __AK0SK Sila Kansas City,MO QNX __K7UK Rick Omak,WA QNX KE6SLS Jaye [...]


Download NBEMS Exercises (Zip File)

Download Path Evaluation Macro Files


FEMA Region X HF Interoperability Testing (60m)

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET, which comprises Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, conducts a monthly interoperability communications exercise on the 60-meter band. This exercise often includes a voice portion and a digital portion.

FEMA Region X uses the call sign of WGY910. The COMMEX occurs on the third Wednesday of the month from 1730 to 1900Z. Primary check-in is usually on 60-meter channel 1.

FEMA Region X Monthly Interoperability NET

3rd Wednesday 1730Z - 1900Z
Channel 1: 5330.5 kHz
Channel 2: 5346.5 kHz
Channel 3: 5357.0 kHz
Channel 4: 5371.5 kHz
Channel 5: 5403.5 kHz
1730Z Open net, delay check-ins
60M - CH1
1735Z NCS sends 1st dig msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1740Z NCS repeats 1st dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL CH2
1745Z NCS calls for check-ins and reports
60M - CH1
1815Z NCS TX 2nd digital msg
60M - BPSK31 - CH 2
1825Z NCS reTX 2nd dig msg using alt mode
60M - MT63-2KL - CH 2
1827Z NCS calls for reports
60M - CH 1
1850Z NCS closes the net
60M - CH 1

World ClockWorld Clockwindow[wtb_event_widgets.pop()].init()


Shortwave Radiogram transmits digital text and images on an analog shortwave broadcast transmitter. The program is produced and presented by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott KD9XB. Shortwave Radiogram continues VOA Radiogram's tradition testing new modes and is an interesting source for Digital Ops wishing to practice more with FLDIGI & FLAMP.

Shortwave Radiogram Transmission Schedule (AM)

Fri 2030-2100 UTC
7780 kHz
9455 kHz
WRMI Florida
Sat 1600-1630 UTC
9400 kHz
Space Line, Bulgaria
Sun 2330-2400 UTC
7780 kHz
WRMI Florida
Mon 0800-0830 UTC
7730 kHz
5850 kHz
WRMI Florida

World Clock